Each week, the Ohio Wine Producers Facebook page features a just-for-fun trivia contest. As this region becomes well-known for our grape and wine production, these contests are designed to make our residents more knowledgeable about the business that is helping to drive the local economy.

Periodically, this column also offers a just-for-fun trivia. This week, we’d like to offer a little “reward” for those of you who might want to play the game. Below are a dozen trivia questions. To participate, answer them all correctly via email to my address, dwinchell@OhioWines.org. If you correctly answer all 12, we’ll send you a wine-themed “golden” lapel pin to help show off your pride in our wineries.

1. Most wine bottles are sealed with bark from a cork tree. From what country is most of the world’s cork supply sourced?

2. The skins of the native grape variety, Concord, as well as many other wine style reds’ contain a significant amount of polyphenols that research says serves as an antioxidant. What is that substance?

3. Quality finished wines’ require a good balance of natural sugars, fruit flavors and several acids for “backbone.” Name two acids naturally found in wine.

4. Ohio has five designated Appellations of Origin. One is no longer active. Name at least three of the federally designated growing regions known as Appellations of Origin in Ohio.

5. The Nebuchadnezzar is the largest wine bottle commercially manufactured. How many 750 ml bottles — the standard for most wine produced here — does it hold?

6. What is the somewhat nebulous wine-growing term used to describe the combined effects of soil, climate and terrain?

7. What is the term, typically found on the label of a bottled wine, to indicate the year in which the grapes in the bottle were grown?

8. What is another name for “noble rot,” the naturally formed, “good” mold found on dehydrated grapes during certain growing seasons?

9. What is the term for the stage in the annual growing season when grapes turn color?

10. What is the term for the naturally occurring, powdery white substance found on the skin of a grape berry, which usually includes wild yeasts?

11. From what French hybrid white grape are most of our regional, award-winning ice wines made?

12. What red grape variety, noted for its tight berry clusters, frequently in the shape of a pine cone, is often referred to as “finicky” by vineyard managers?

Please note: Correct spelling is required for all answers to be counted.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for supporting the local wineries when friends and relatives come into the area. Thirty or so years ago, the local economy was surely in the throes of a downturn. Because of the efforts of many community leaders, businesses and county-based organizations, while things can surely improve, we are in a much better economic position than at that time.

Part of that resurgence, is, at least in a small part, because of the growth of the wine industry here. We are jobs for sure, but in part, we are proud to proclaim that we are Ohio’s Wine Country. So if you “win” by answering the questions above correctly, we hope you proudly wear the lapel/collar pin when you travel beyond our county borders.

DONNIELLA WINCHELL is executive director of the Ohio Wine Association. She can be reached at dwinchell@OhioWines.org.

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