Talent in Spades

DOMINIC (left), Lyric and Phoenix Evans, known to America as Dom the Bom's Triple Threat, are looking for a TV show willing to host their attempt to set a record for celery stalks sliced by a flying playing card. The 9-year-old triplets, born in the Conneaut area, appeared on national television last year.

LAS VEGAS — Triplets who won a legion of fans on “America’s Got Talent” last year now hope to set a unique record before a national television audience.

Dominic, Lyric and Phoenix Evans, known professionally as Dom the Bom’s Triple Threat, parlayed an act featuring card tricks and magic into a spot on the NBC-TV summer talent show. The trio advanced to the quarterfinals before they were eliminated.

Now the 9-year-olds hope a unique stunt can put them back on the Big Stage.

The siblings want to set a record for the most celery stalks sliced by a well-aimed playing card, and want to set the record on a national show.

Anthony Evans, the kids’ father, is speaking to producers for such show business luminaries as Ellen DeGeneres in hopes of finding a venue willing to host the event. Dominic, who has a talent for tossing cards long distances and also using them as projectiles, routinely severs celery and impales watermelon in the act.

“We’re looking for a place to set a world record (for celery cutting),” Evans said from the family’s Las Vegas home. “Right now, Dom can cut eight stalks in six seconds.”

The triplets, born in the Conneaut area, last week appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show.” Producers contacted the family in February, Evans said.

On the show, they performed their patented tricks, although Harvey balked at holding a celery stalk in his clenched teeth for a demonstration of Dominic’s marksmanship, Evans said, laughing. “It was a great segment,” he said.

The family moved from Conneaut to Las Vegas in early 2013. Dominic, taught his craft by a illusionist friend of the family, developed to the point where he, brother and sister performed at shows in the Vegas area. Their big break came last year, when the team won a spot on “Talent.” During the weeks-long competition, the kids also were featured on “Today.”

Several months after those appearances, the Evans triplets are still getting recognized in stores and airports, Evans said.

Dom the Bom continues to make personal appearances in the Las Vegas area, doing shows at casinos and other locations, Evans said. The team could also make an appearance in a commercial for Wal-Mart.

“We put together an idea and we’ve got some things in the works,” Evans said.

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