CONNEAUT — The Conneaut City Council is undertaking a mission to clean up its residents’ front yards. Council met with several trash haulers on Monday night to discuss the next steps in reworking the city’s trash collection process. 

Currently, Conneaut has trash collected four days a week. The schedule for pickup is staggered throughout the week. Conneaut, however, wants to create a uniform schedule.

Council created a map to illustrate the new collection zones. The city will be divided into three areas — north, southwest and the uptown district.

The map uses Ohio Route 7 and U.S. Route 20 as the dividing lines.

Council President Jon Arcaro said there have been a number of complaints filed by residents and visitors regarding the amount of trash throughout the city. Council members hope a new schedule will reduce the amount of trash on corners over the course of the week.

“Our biggest concern is to our constituents, which is the majority of the people of the city want the city cleaned up,” Arcaro said.

Arcaro said the trash collection change will not be rushed. The days for collection are still to be determined, and afterward the council will give the proposal three reads before approval.

The council said the haulers requested that service be cut from four days a week to three. The change will not impact scheduling for yard cleanings.

Holhart owner Tina Holmes said it will take time and energy for the changes in collection to take place. She said the routes will need to be reworked after the pickup days and routes are finalized.

“Basically, manually go through and move everything to the proper wards and re-enter everything into the computer,” Holmes said. “So each individual customer will need to be gone into and given the routing day of service.”

One hauler said residents keeping trash containers on the street corner every day could be a significant cause for the complaints. Conneaut requires trash be placed at the curb from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. on the day of collection.

He said the only way to tackle the problem is for residents to file complaints against the offender.

“Anybody who does leave their trash out past those times is in violation of the city ordinance,” Arcaro said.

Arcaro and council has  had discussions with haulers that serve Conneaut. Council is leaning toward having Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as collection days, but that is still to be determine.

“[The haulers’] only concern is the seasonal [residents] because they’re only here on the weekends,” Arcaro said. “They’ll need to pick up on Monday, which they can still do if they call ahead and request a specific pickup.

“This is only the residential regulated trash that we regulate as the city, as far as when trash can be put out on the curb.”

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