People who have not filled out their census forms will be getting a knock on their door in the next few weeks, as Census Bureau employees work to make sure everyone is counted.

Census workers nationwide will start knocking on doors of people that have yet to submit their census forms on Aug. 11, said Susan Licate, spokesperson for the Census Bureau.

"The public is encouraged to respond to the census through self-response, either online, by phone, or returning their form, and then that would reduce the need for a census taker to visit the household," Licate said. There are only 10 questions on the census, and people can see questions ahead of time on, she said.

There are also mobile questionnaire assistant events, which will occur at various locations around the county, Licate said.

"Folks can respond at an MQA location," Licate said. "It does not have to be in their own hometown. If they see one in their travels, on their way to work or out for a drive, they're certainly encouraged and welcome to respond at any location, because the census responses are tied to your household, not to where you respond."

Ashtabula County's response rate is 59.8 percent, according to the Census Bureau's website. That is up one percent from mid-June. Response rates in various townships are also up, with nine counties in Ashtabula County exceeding their response rates from the 2010 census, according to the census website.

"My complements to them and their communities for doing such a great job," said Commissioner J.P. Ducro, chair of Ashtabula County's Complete County Committee. "I just want to emphasize again why it's so important that people do respond to the census. Making sure that we get all the dollars that we are entitled to in our community, to benefit programs that help all walks of life, from the young to the old."

There are still a number of locations that are lagging behind their 2010 response rates, including Andover Township, with only a 15.9 percent response rate. The response rate in Andover has increased by less than one percent since mid-June.

Response rates from the Census Bureau's website do not include some data, Licate said. The numbers do not yet include group facilities, the homeless and transient populations, Licate said. "We're still collecting data," she said.

Responses are due by Sept. 30, Licate said. The deadline for responses was moved up to that date to ensure a complete count was delivered by the Dec. 31 deadline, she said.

"We remind everybody that it's your right to be counted," Licate said. "If you are living or staying in the United States, it is your right to participate in the census, and we want you to be counted."

The people knocking on doors are local people doing local work, Licate said.

The Complete Count Committee will keep working to make sure everyone responds to the census. "We're going to keep staying active, and push (this) last month or two here, to do everything we can to drive up the response, to get as close to 100 percent as possible," Ducro said.

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