"One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half." - Winston Churchill

Former Prime Minister Churchill was a very intelligent individual who knew only too well about threatened danger in World War II.

Another very intelligent individual who knew only too well about threatened danger is President George Bush. Bush recognized the cost of ignoring catastrophic danger with the evidence of 9/11 (with 2,981 deaths) which would not have happened except for the cowardice of former President Bill Clinton who failed to respond to the first tragedy at the twin towers where there were deaths; also, the tragedy of the U.S.S. Cole incurring military deaths and an explosion at a military barracks with many deaths all of which former president ignored.

Then, when Bush was informed by the CIA intelligence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, what was he supposed to do? ; ;Did he have the option of not believing what the experts had decided? ; ;He felt he was obligated to pass this information on to the Senate and the Congress which he did. He did not lie, but merely trusted the security forces of the United States in the information passed on to him. Congress had the same information that the president had, yet they are not called liars. Neither is the president a liar.

And, if you say you did not hear what he said while standing on ground zero and using a bull horn, I don't believe you. Everyone was glued to their TVs watching pictures of the attacks and the horror of the results of which was never experienced in the U.S. before. You know you heard President Bush yell over the bull horn that he was going to track down every terrorist. Iraq is where they were trained. He is a man of his word and wise enough to know that if he didn't follow through, our country would be attacked again. Evidence of these planned attacks were later found. These terrorists had hatred for our country drummed into them from childhood. This was their purpose for living, to kill Americans. So if you think we would not have been attacked again had Bush not responded, you are not thinking rationally. The only thing these terrorists respect is strength and military response.

Freedom is not free. There is a price in maintaining our freedom. Sometimes it demands a terrible toll on those brave heroes who are willing to risk everything so that their families and all of us can live in freedom. They do this even for those selfish people who do not respect them enough to support their sacrifice. It is just plain hypocritical to say you support them and then degrade them by bad-mouthing the war in Iraq.

I have heard many of these brave heroes extol about what they are doing in proud terms, saying that what they are doing is right. They deserve more respect than these antiwar leftists are willing to give them.

Some of these desperate Democrats think because they are college educated, they can criticize President Bush using stronger and more damning adjectives and spinning phrases other than the true meaning of what he said.

When he said that he took credit for the war in Iraq, he said this meaning, because he is the president. When you are in charge, you have to take the blame no matter that those under you are actually the ones deserving the blame. He only repeated what the CIA told him.

The same is true in the Katrina disaster. He expected those under him to do their jobs, which they failed to do; such as, the mayor of New Orleans who should have had adequate vehicles available and should have insisted the people evacuate. The people who were warned to evacuate but refused to do so, share the blame. And the governor of Louisiana, who refused to allow rescue workers loaded with food and water into the city was criminal. So Bush took the blame although he was not the one who was negligent. If he had overridden the governor's orders, the Democrats would have jumped all over him for infringing on "states rights." In my opinion, this war would have been over had former President Bill Clinton not badmouthed the U.S. when overseas on foreign soil. Sore losers, Al Gore and John Kerry did the same thing overseas. Likewise as did loser, Ted Kennedy in the U.S. by encouraging the terrorists to continue fighting. These male "Tokyo Roses," "Axis Sallys" and "Jane Fondas" are aiding and abetting the enemy because they are bitter about not being in the White House. They are trying to divide our country and aiding terrorists; thinking this will get them ensconced in the White House. Have they no shame?

Mr. Naylor, you trashed my book again. You really shouldn't have done that as now, I must tell you I find very little that you write to have any credibility. So your opinion of me means nothing to me.

May God bless President Bush, our troops and our country.

Fran Metcalf


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