The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

March 22, 2012

Jefferson students star in choir's first dinner theater performance

Star Beacon

JEFFERSON — On March 16, the melodious sounds of Jefferson's brightest voices could be heard resonating from the Nazarene church as citizens flocked to Jefferson Area High School's premier Choir Dinner Theater. Those in attendance were treated to an evening of extraordinary sights, sounds and indulgences, all at the gracious hands of choir students and instructors.

Upon entering the dinner theater, one could tell that the school's choir classes had aspired to replicate the illustrious, elegant theater experience. Guests were served dishes such as lasagna, spaghetti and salads, as well as a diverse medley of desserts and pastries. All the while, the choir students, in their best attire, politely and diligently attended to their audience to ensure that they were furnished and accounted for. The choir students' exceptional performance was reflected in audience reception, as guests could be heard ardently praising the meal and service.

The choir’s musical repertoire was equally laudable, boasting countless acts and pieces to captivate the audience as they dined. The sheer variety of the performances in itself was impressive, with everything from impassioned, powerful acappella performances to rich, sweeping choral opuses being demonstrated with eloquence and finesse. Many performances featured choreography as well as singing, such as the “Evolution of Dance” routine, in which the performers danced and sang to a bevy of pop culture hits such as “YMCA,” “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Thriller.” The music performed was undoubtedly the highlight of the event, and the prowess and versatility of choir members shined brightly.

Dinner theater guests also had opportunities to win a wide array of prizes. Gift certificates, gift baskets, video game consoles and more were all up for grabs in the Chinese Auction, which prompted many to take part. At the end of the dinner theater, winning names were drawn at random for all of the prizes, which provided those lucky few with a satisfying end to a memorable evening.

“It was our first year doing this, and of course there were roadblocks and hiccups along the way,” said Kelly Olesky, who oversaw the event as Jefferson High school's choir teacher. “But in the end, we overcame them, and exceeded our goal. We'd love to make it an annual event. I give thanks to our students, parents and our sponsors for their contributions.”

From beginning to end, Jefferson High School's Choir Dinner Theater was nothing less than a labor of love on behalf of a group of talented, exuberant choir students and teachers. The presentation, food, music and aesthetics of the event all exhibited the tireless vigor and dedication that the students have for what they love.