The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

March 29, 2012

Seniors aiming for victory over underclassmen in Lakeside's class tournaments to kick off spring break

Star Beacon

SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — Spring is in the air (a little earlier than normal, which nobody seems to be upset about!) and students and faculty at Lakeside High School are ready to meet it head on. With so much already accomplished in this busy school year, the Dragons have let up none, and are preparing for the most anticipated event of the year: the 2012-2013 Class Tournaments! Every year, right before spring break, the students and staff at Lakeside celebrate the coming of spring with a two-day battle of the classes. Psychology and U.S. Government teacher Lisa Raffa, along with the Student Council, have spent the last two weeks determining class themes, events, designs, decorations and final rosters.

Today and Friday students will be participating in games, including an obstacle course basketball game, eating contests, tug-of-war, Hula-Hoop Dodgeball and a basketball dunk contest.

The seniors have high expectations for themselves; they established their dominance when they were freshmen (2008-2009) by shocking the school and knocking off that year’s seniors and juniors to win the tournament. They will be met with highly competitive junior and sophomore classes, along with an energetic bunch of freshmen this year. It is sure to be riveting.

Getting in on the competitive spirit, the Lakeside Academic Challenge Team, coached by Edward Gallatin, entered a televised competition against two other schools in the Academic Challenge on March 24. Just six weeks after the Quiz Bowl, the team was ready to test its knowledge once again.

The Academic Challenge was made up of three rounds. In two of these rounds, all of the teams openly competed against each other. In the other one, each team was given individual questions to answer. The categories covered basic high school subject matter, such as mathematics, science, literature and social studies. In order to come out ahead, the team put some serious effort into their preparations.

“We’ve been working non-stop since Quiz Bowl,” said Michael Beardsley.

The team consisted of three students: Logan Stowell, Michael Beardsley and Stephen Sunderlin (standing in for Corinne Schoren, who was absent). Beardsley and Stowell took third place in last year’s Quiz Bowl, so the team went in to the tournament feeling confident. According the Mr. Gallatin, the team remained positive, but realistic despite being put up against some formidable opponents. The team feels hopeful about next year.

“Things are falling into place to have a fairly successful Quiz Bowl season in 2012-2013,” said Mr. Gallatin.

This attitude is a great start toward a long series of victories next season. It’s important to remember, however, that winning isn’t everything. Sometimes, just being part of the game is fun enough.

“I enjoy competing intellectually, rather than physically,” said Stowell.

Beyond the excitement of competition, this year’s chapter of Lakeside’s National Honor Society is in the mood of giving (a seemingly consistent theme for the Dragons throughout the year). President and vice president, Paige Upole and Mike Andes, respectively, along with the other members of NHS, have teamed up with G.O. Ministries, and have come up with a generous service project. Through donations from businesses, people of the community and even students, members of NHS will be assembling Easter baskets for underprivileged children, to be handed out at the soup kitchen.