The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

April 11, 2013

Dodgeball games raise funds and school spirit

Star Beacon

CONNEAUT — As the countdown until spring break dwindled down at Conneaut High School, students were able to participate in an all-time favorite, the annual dodgeball tournament. This event, which took place on March 27, brought all the students together to showcase their competitiveness and school spirit.

The tournament served as a fund-raiser for the junior class, specifically for the upcoming junior/ senior prom. The prom is going to be May 11 at the Avalon Hotel in Erie, Pa.

The junior class officers, Shae Brink, Lauren Horwood, Emilee Bucci and Kacie Schwartfigure, and adviser Stephanie Schneider organized the dodgeball event. Participants were charged $3 and spectators paid $1 for admission. Students did have the option to stay in their eighth period classes instead of going to this event.

The tournament started with two teams from each class playing against each other. Each team consisted of seven students. Theses matches were very intense. The most thrilling of these was the match between the two sophomore teams. Team one was decked out in all black, and team two sported all pink apparel. From team two, Troy Colucci was the last man standing and had to try to take out the remaining three players from the opposing team. He managed to knock them all out except for Jake Spees. The two battled until time expired. To break the tie, they added more time on the clock. The two still were tied. They once again added more time to the clock, but this time whoever had more throws would be victorious. At the end of the round, both Colucci and Spees each had 19 throws. The boys were then told to only play on the volleyball court instead of the entire basketball court. Within seconds Colucci nailed Spees, making team two victorious.

This sophomore team two then advanced to the next round facing the team two seniors. The neon dressed seniors made quick work of the sophomores to advance to the next round.

On the other side of the bracket, freshman team one and junior team one won their first rounds. They then engaged in an intense match, but the juniors ended up on top.

The senior team in the championship round included Matt Jury, Mikahla Passmore, Christian Williams, Josh McMullan, Amen Gerics, T.J. Edwards and Michael Mirando. The tie dyed juniors were Kyle Sprinkle, Dylan Campbell, Matt Barrickman, C.J. Rice, Shae Brink, Anthony Pizzuti and Chandler Stitt. The two teams battled in a close match. Students across the gymnasium were taking part in class cheers to encourage their classmates. The players showcased their athleticism by their incredible dives and blazing throws. Toward the end of the match, the seniors had a two to one advantage over the juniors. Michael Mirando and Matt Jury of the seniors tried to hold on to their lead while junior Dylan Campbell battled his way toward victory. Campbell threw out Mirando, and then eventually got Jury out too, making the juniors victorious.

After his hard fought battle, Mirando said, “It was a lot of fun and allowed students to show their school spirit. It was a great way to kick off spring break.”

The juniors advanced to the final round against the teachers. The two teams battled it out. The juniors seemed to have the advantage, but the referees called for a jailbreak in favor of the teachers. With all of the teachers back in, they eventually were victorious over the juniors.

The dodgeball tournament was a great way for students to get geared up for spring break. It helped raise both funds and school spirit.