The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

May 17, 2012

Jefferson holds spring induction for honor society

JEFFERSON — Jefferson Area High School has prided itself in its “Excellent” rating for years, in no small part thanks to the humble students that have made it possible. Through the National Honor Society, Jefferson's best and brightest are given the spotlight for their accomplishments, and are provided with an opportunity to further their achievement through leadership and service.

National Honor Society is an organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. Prospective members are given the opportunity to join the program in their junior and senior years based on their achievements in their school careers.

NHS members participate in a variety of service projects to help their community, while focusing on the program’s four key values: character, leadership, scholarship and service. These ideals, called the “four pillars of the National Honor Society,” are the core components and duties of any NHS member.

“Joining the National Honor Society means becoming part of a prestigious organization that is nationally recognized for their service and leadership contributions to society,” said Alex Anderson, NHS adviser at Jefferson High School.

The National Honor Society's distinguished reputation is upheld by the exemplary students that make up its members. Aspiring NHS inductees must be willing to go the extra mile in a number of aspects in their school careers.

“NHS nominees must meet lofty requirements to join NHS,” said Anderson. “They must have a minimum 3.2 GPA, and be evaluated by the school’s faculty and staff. They must also demonstrate character, leadership and willingness in service projects.”

Despite the National Honor Society's stringent terms of membership, many students at Jefferson Area High School are proud members of the program, and have the privilege of representing their hometown in one of the nation's premier organizations. As members of the National Honor Society, inducted Jefferson students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and character through service projects. NHS members have worked with the Salvation Army, volunteered for holiday events, and collected food and other items for families in need, among other services. Through their work in NHS, members not only strengthen their leadership skills, but contribute to their society in the process.

At Jefferson’s annual National Honor Society spring induction ceremony on May 10, 19 of the school’s most outstanding juniors were inducted into the program by existing senior members, making Jefferson Area High School the proud home of more than 30 National Honor Society inductees. The inductees' families and friends attended the event in support, and the school's administrators and faculty also regarded the members for their achievement.

“Induction into the National Honor Society is one of our highest honors,” said Doug Hladek, superintendent at Jefferson Area Local Schools on the night of the induction. “These students epitomize what we are all about. They excel in their academics, extracurricular activities, display good attitudes and are helpful and involved... all invaluable skills that will help them in their futures.” 

As NHS adviser, Mr. Anderson also paid his regards to this year's inductees.

“It is an honor to serve and work with the NHS in Jefferson. Most of this year's inductees have had me as a teacher for two years, and there’s nothing better than two years of Mr. Anderson!” said Mr. Anderson humorously.

Jefferson Area High School's National Honor Society members not only lead the school in terms of citizenship and character, but in their community as well. Through their contributions in service, they help those in need, and by demonstrating outstanding leadership skills, they ensure that their own futures flourish as well.