The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

April 18, 2013

Lakeside seniors are victorious in annual class tournament

Star Beacon

SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — Lakeside High School morale is at a high point in the year with the conclusion of the annual class tournaments. Class tournaments have taken place nearly every year since the joining of Ashtabula and Harbor high schools in 2001, and were an annual event at Harbor High School before that. During the two-day event, which is planned by the Student Council, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors engage in head-to-head battles and compete for glory. Class tournaments create a sense of brotherhood at Lakeside and motivate students to finish out the year strong.

Senior Stephanie Fusco said, “I really enjoy planning and taking part in class tournaments. The tournaments are a fun way to take a break from classes and really bond as a class, and as a school.”

A central component of the festivities is the class theme. A couple weeks in advance, each Student Council class representative votes on a theme for his class. In the past, the themes have spanned from superheroes to Willy Wonka to dynamic duos. Whatever the theme may be, students in the class have the option of donning a costume or wearing jerseys designed by the Student Council class representatives. The themes of this year’s class competition were “Disney” for the freshmen, “dynamic duos” for the sophomores, “Nintendo” for the juniors and “barnyard explosion” for the seniors.

The Friday before the games begin, Student Council representatives also “dress up” Lakeside hallways. Each class is assigned a separate wing of the building; seniors decorate the English wing, juniors decorate the Math wing, sophomores decorate the Foreign Language/Health wing, and freshmen decorate the Social Studies wing. In every hallway, the students display their class pride by hanging up streamers, signs and other various decorations. Some classes also choose to decorate the gym on the day of the competitions.

This year’s competition took place on March 27 and 28, the two days before spring break. Many of this year’s events, such as tug-of-war, dodge ball, the eating contest and the dunk contest, are traditional events that take place every year. In addition to these, several new events, like hockey and sumo wrestling, were added this year. Each event gives a certain amount of points to each team. For example, one event may grant the winner 10 points, the runner-up 5 points, third place 2 points, and fourth place 1 point.

Points are also awarded to one class for having the best costumes, another for having the best hallway decorations, and yet another for showing the best school spirit. At the end of the second day of competitions, the class that has accumulated the most points is declared the winner.

This year, the seniors and the sophomores were the top competitors. In the end, the senior class proved victorious, defeating the sophomores by only a slim margin.

It’s no surprise that Lakeside students look forward to class tournaments all year! The festivities provide a great opportunity for students to relax, bond and make wonderful memories. Hopefully the games will continue to be a beloved Lakeside tradition for many years to come.