The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

February 27, 2014

St. John School celebrates Catholic education

For the Star Beacon

SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — Catholic Schools Week is a very important time in the St. John Community. Catholic Schools Week started in 1974 and celebrates Catholic education in the United States. Every year, Catholic Schools Week is celebrated by St. John and many other Catholic schools around the United States. This is an annual celebration of Catholic education in our nation that runs from the last Sunday in January to the first of February. Schools typically celebrate it with Mass, open houses and other activities for the students, teachers and alumni. The Herald family celebrates Catholic schools’ contribution to the church, community and our nation.

Because of the bad weather and school closings, the celebrations were delayed until Thursday and Friday and continued through the following week. The first day of celebration was called “Throwback Day.” Students were able to dress like their parents dressed when they went to St. John, or just a throwback to earlier decades. Students’ outfits included flappers, car hops and even Sandy from Grease, as well as some fluorescent ’80s-inspired outfits. Students who wore old St. John gear and letterman jackets took a group photo in their vintage Herald attire.

The spelling bee was also scheduled for Jan. 27. There were 24 students in grades four to eight selected to compete in the spelling bee. Eighth grader Madeline DiSalvatore was the proud champion. On Jan. 29, the thrilling field trip to Sky Zone was planned. Once again, another activity was to be rescheduled because of a snow day. Thankfully, it was rescheduled to Feb. 4. Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park located in Westlake. Sky Zone offers individual trampolines, foam pits, 3D dodge ball courts and basketball hoops.

“My favorite part was dodge ball,” said senior Matt Pinelli. “I thought it was really fun to play in three dimensions.”

To finish off the celebrations, Bishop George Murry visited the school and the entire school, along with alumni, came together for Mass. Bishop Murry, along with the Revs. Arnesto Rodriguez, Melvin Rusnak and Matthew Albright, celebrated liturgy with the St. John family to celebrate Catholic education in Ashtabula County. Murry gave the homily and talked about differences in the New and Old Testament and asked questions to the smaller children such as naming books from them. As every Mass does, it brought together the school as a family and celebrated the significance of Catholic schools.