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January 10, 2013

GV National Honor Society inducts new members during surprise assembly

Star Beacon

ORWELL — On the last day of school before the winter break, a surprise afternoon assembly was held at Grand Valley High School. Not a pep rally, nor any kind of assembly one would normally suspect, but a ceremony held by the Grand Valley High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. The purpose of the ceremony was to induct the new members of the National Honor Society and honor them in front of family, friends and community.

Before being selected to become a member of the National Honor Society, any student wanting to be a member was required to complete a lengthy and arduous application. In the application, the student needed to include a variety of information and accomplishments about themselves. Each student had to list the clubs, sports and any other extracurricular activities in which they participate. Also, the students needed to elaborate on all volunteer experiences they have had, as well as any awards they have received throughout their high school experiences. The application took a very long time to fill out.

Junior Holly Nye said, “After spending countless hours on the lengthy application process, being inducted into N.H.S. made it well worth my time.”

All applicants were required to have four teachers or adult associates fill their recommendation forms as well. On the forms, the student was rated on how well they fulfill the four core characteristics that a National Honor Society member should exemplify. The students were rated on the four pillars of scholarship, leadership, character and service.

After all the applications had been turned in, the applicants to be selected as new members were chosen with careful consideration by a panel of anonymous judges. Soon after, the parents of all the selected students received a letter, notifying them that their child was to be inducted into the National Honor Society at an impromptu celebratory assembly on the last day before school. None of the students were to know that they had been selected as a member.

The induction ceremony took place after the high school lunch period. Students ranging from freshmen to seniors filed into the gymnasium, few of them actually knowing the reason for the unexpected assembly. During the assembly, the existing members of the National Honor Society read the responsibilities of a National Honor Society member, emphasizing each of the four pillars. Afterward, the existing members read a short biography of each new member before welcoming them into the National Honor Society. The new members were greeted by their families and given a certificate to officially state that they are a member of the Grand Valley Chapter of the National Honor Society. After the induction ceremony, all of the National Honor Society members and their families celebrated with a party. The students accepted were extremely happy after the involved application process.

“It was well worth all the time and effort I put into applying,” said junior Jacob Vormelker. “It is a great privilege to be inducted into the National Honor Society.”

Out of the numerous applicants, only 12 students were selected to become the newest members of the Grand Valley Chapter of National Honor Society. These students include senior Abbey Beesler and juniors Samantha White, Samantha Huffman, Holly Nye, Jacob Vormelker, Austin Overberger, Callie Forrest, Mikayla Carlson, Brittany Cole, Katie Paskey, Kelsey Merritt and LeeAnn Maruna. The new members were thrilled to be selected.

“I plan to expand my service, character and scholarship as well as be a good leader and role model to those around me,” Nye said. The newly inducted members will join the existing members in organizing many exciting service and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.