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May 22, 2013

After weeks of hard work, Jefferson prom-goers enjoy 'fairytale' evening

Star Beacon

JEFFERSON — After hours of preparation and anticipation, Jefferson Area High School students flooded in the Spire Institute April 27 for their fairytale-themed prom, “Happily Ever After.”

The “magic” began at the beginning of the school year when junior class officers, Tayler Johnson, Kaydee DeVivo, Bernadette Geraghty and Sarah Brooke consulted with the junior class adviser, Terri Parma, and arranged several fund-raisers to help with the costs of prom. Their fund-raisers included the “Spring Scurry” a 5K run in Jefferson, an Avon fund-raiser, a coffee sale and a spirit-wear sale.

Junior class vice president Kaydee DeVivo said, “We began tossing around prom theme ideas in November.”

“As prom adviser, the preparation for prom takes many hours and cooperation from my junior class officers,” Parma said. “With that being said, I feel the preparation was executed to perfection.”

The school guidance counselor Lisa Newhart felt that planning prom was a heavy task and gave credit to those who planned it. “A lot of planning goes into preparing for the night and as with any event a lot of details come into play the day of or day prior to the event,” she said. “I feel Mrs. Parma and her officers did a great job planning and executing this year’s prom.”

Before students were able to enter the dance they signed in at the ticket table. At this time they were examined for dress code violations. The prom dress code was issued two years ago at Jefferson Area High School as a way to keep dances appropriate and ensure students were dressed respectfully. Thankfully there were no issues with the dress code and all students dressed according to its standards. Seniors Ashton Allen and Amanda Krause had to keep the dress code in mind while purchasing a dress for their prom and they agreed that it was very reasonable.

Parma said, “I feel the prom dress code is very respectful. Strict enough to keep all that attend prom in good taste and yet, flexible enough to let all express their independence and personality.” Newhart agreed. “I feel the dress code for prom was appropriate. Some dresses are made to be way too revealing and I don’t feel that is necessary at a school sponsored function,” she said.

Upon entering the dance, students voted for Prom Queen and King, chose their seats at round tables with some of their closest friends, and enjoyed the hors d’oeurves. They took pictures in the photo booth and waited for dinner to be served.

After dinner, the prom court was announced and the King and Queen were crowned. The court consisted of 12 girls and 11 boys: Hanna Punkar, Sarah Busch, Sarah Jeppesen, Callie Fuentes, Amanda Krause, LeeAnn Farr, Giulia Giancola, Ashton Allen, Autumn Hayes, Sami Mutschler, Caitlin Sukalac, Melanie March, Kevin Orvos, Anthony Chiacchiero, Nicholas Tripodi, Blake Perry, Troy Stitt, Troy Bloom, Tyler Gancos, Robbie Wynn, Caleb Harris, Jacob Hamilton and Brett Powers. Next the junior class officers presented the Prom King, Jacob Hamilton, and the Prom Queen, LeeAnn Farr, with their crowns. DeVivo said that her favorite memory from prom was crowning her best friend Jacob Hamilton as king.

Once the traditions of prom had been carried out the students stormed the dance floor and danced the night away with their dates and classmates. Each student will be able to cherish his or her prom memories for years to come. Allen’s favorite memory from prom was the Hummer limo in which she and her friends rode to prom.

Krause said her favorite memory from prom was being with friends and taking a lot of pictures as a group. Junior Sarah Brooke said her favorite memory from prom also was taking pictures in the photo booth with friends and using all of the props that they had.

The advisers also felt that prom and other high school dances are a very important part of a student’s high school career.

Newhart said, “Obviously, a large part of high school is made up of your academics, but the social piece is so important. This is a time in one’s life where they are exerting some independence from their parents and developing as their own person. The social aspect of high school, such as athletic events, extra-curricular activities and, of course, dances help to create or become part of one’s high school career.”

Parma agreed by saying, “High school dances are a very important part of students high school career, they give students a chance to dress up and act adult-like for the evening.”

The JAHS Junior-Senior Prom was in fact a fairytale for many young men and women. Good music, delicious food, beautiful girls, handsome men, gorgeous dresses, and a great atmosphere categorized the night as one to always remember and left them feeling like it was their “Happily Ever After.”