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October 11, 2012

Grand Valley's new multimedia program instructor brings his exciting career experiences to classroom

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ORWELL — This school year, Nate Schick became the newest member of the Grand Valley High School faculty. He is the media teacher for the A-Tech interactive multimedia program offered at Grand Valley High School.

Schick attended Kent State where he earned his bachelor’s degree in electronic media production. While there, he was involved with various media forms, such as filming TV shows and writing skits. He later moved to Charlotte, N.C., where he interned for ESPN, frequently shooting live sports events. Some of these events include the Super Bowl in New Orleans and the Professional Golfers Association Masters Tournament. He recounts a trip to Hawaii, during which he filmed a golf tournament and while sitting in a bar with a friend, he caught sight of the television and saw that his camera shot was in ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Day. He was thrilled. His students find his past career exciting.

Senior media student Kyle Orgovan says, “I find it cool that we have a teacher with such an extensive background in the media field.”

For the previous eight years, Schick has been employed by the ABC/CBS affiliate in Youngstown. There he held several different positions, such as news photographer, video journalist and assistant creative services director. He also helped create television commercials.

“He’s a very well-educated teacher,” said junior Ray Marsh. “He knows his stuff. Since the first day of school, he’s taught us a lot, and I’ve learned a lot about interactive media.”

Schick said while he enjoyed his previous job, he desired to spend more time with his family. He decided to become a teacher. This is his first year teaching. He is attending classes in order to obtain his master’s degree in education. He hopes that with this degree, he will eventually be able to teach college classes on the side of his main job of teaching at Grand Valley High School.

Schick demonstrates a positive attitude in regards to his Grand Valley students. He feels as if the program they are involved in is a great opportunity with state-of-the-art equipment, editing programs and cameras. Despite the transition for both the students adjusting to their new teacher and Schick adjusting to his new position, Schick expresses much confidence in his students’ abilities.

Grand Valley students are also receptive to Schick and his teaching methods.

“It was a weird transition between teachers, but Mr. Schick is definitely a great instructor,” said senior media student Nathan Pilarczyk.

Junior Joey Powell heartily agrees. “His professional background is helping us prepare for contests and hone our media skills,” he said.

Schick portrays a multitude of visions for the media department. He has hope for the Grand Valley media students to participate in Skills USA Regional Contest and move on from there. He plans to work on Photoshop, after-effects and advance motion graphics with the seniors in the media program. The juniors taking the class will run GVTV, a daily school-wide broadcast that media students air during homeroom. This year, he wants to make GVTV more informative than it has been in the past, and provide more reporting on local events in order to enhance its professionalism, while still maintaining the humorous atmosphere the broadcast has. The juniors will also learn filming and editing skills.

Schick expresses excitement for working with Grand Valley students. “I love kids and I love being a role model,” he said. “I feel like I have a lot to offer these kids, because of my experience and expertise.”

When asked if he intends to remain at Grand Valley long-term, he replied, “I hope so. I’ll be here as long as they’ll have me.”