The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

February 16, 2012

Members of Geneva Ski Club take to the peaks in New York

Staff Writer

GENEVA — GENEVA — Geneva High School Ski Club members are not about to let a few high temperatures and lack of our normal snow amounts get them down. In spite of our unusual winter, each weekend in January and February, 40 members and their chaperones board buses to  journey one and a half hours to Peek’ n Peak  Resort in Findley Lake, N.Y. There they gladly hit the slopes to enjoy the 27 trails, and the three terrain parks available

Members purchase their “Once a Week” passes to Peak’n Peek with their own money, pay a onetime bus fee, and depart from the GHS parking lot at 2 p.m. each Saturday. The club does not travel as a group on major holiday weekends, but students are free to travel to the resort and use their passes on their own on these occasions. Along with the Ski Club members, there are five adult chaperones who volunteer their time each week: Michael  Neczeporenko, Stacey Neczeporenko, Brad Hunt, Matt Root and Bill Brenneman. Brenneman also generously loans his truck to the club to taxi gear and supplies along to Peek’n Peak for the student skiers. In case of injury, the five chaperones are there to stay with the students and provide aid if needed. The student members appreciate that these chaperones give up so much of their own free time to help them out each weekend.

Ski Club allows students of all different skill levels to join, whether they are beginner or experienced skiers. No student feels pressured to perform beyond his comfort level, but all are encouraged to try new things. The club is dedicated to teaching new skills and giving members the opportunity to have a good time with old and new friends. Along with the benefits of enjoying the winter season, members also are eligible to receive lessons given by the resort. Lessons are free with the purchase of the Peek’n Peak pass and are available to any skier at any skill level, with a limit of eight free lessons. Along with the opportunities given by the resort and school, students have the chance to appreciate the winter weather that they live in and get out into an active environment on an otherwise boring Saturday afternoon. Students truly appreciate these experiences in Ski Club.

“As a first-year Ski Club member, I have been able to enjoy one of my most exciting winters,” said Gabriel McLeod.

Ski Club members say that the people of Peek’n Peak resort have been wonderful as well as helpful and that through the club, they have made many new friends that will last a lifetime.

“It is fun being with your friends, doing something that is a lot of fun, and we have a radical time!” said four-year member Petr Wiese. Wiese has been a dedicated snowboarder in Geneva’s Ski Club throughout his entire high school career.

GHS Ski Club is just one of the many clubs that students can participate in to become involved with their community and school. It  has been active since the early 1980s and allows the high school students to  explore a sport that might otherwise be difficult to do without the support of the school. This club is available to all students willing to try something new or even touch up on skills they may have already obtained. Members encourage other students to get involved and to join in on the fun and excitement of hitting the slopes.