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November 15, 2012

Schools hold joint assembly via live video chat

Star Beacon

CONNEAUT — A first ever live video chat was held between Conneaut and Edgewood before the two football teams met on the field. The day after, the CHS girls showed off their football abilities on the field in a powder puff football game.

For the first time ever Conneaut High School and Edgewood Senior High School had a split pep assembly before the two football teams battled it out on the field on Oct. 19. The schools set up a projector and big screen to view the video chat between the two schools.

Ryan Oatman said, “I thought it was a unique experience, to say the least; it was interesting to witness their pep assembly while they got to witness ours.”

Each school took turns doing something to get the blood pumping. Conneaut’s band would play a song to show off their school spirit. In return, Edgewood’s band would get up and dance to their music. Throughout the assembly, each school was able to watch the band, students and cheerleaders get each other excited about the game.

“There was a huge screen with Edgewood on it; it was like double the pep!” Maria Perkio said.

Toward the end of the assembly as students were almost jumping out of their seats, a small chant started from the senior section. “Long train, long train.”

Lydia Coccitto started the chant with hopes of convincing Sean Smith, the band director, to play it. “I know how much the band loves to play that song. I also know how much the students love to hear it. That song is the key of getting everyone in the school pumped up and ready for the game,” Coccitto said.

Of course, when an entire student section is chanting the song title, Mr. Smith could not resist and allowed the band to start playing it. At this point, Conneaut High School’s gymnasium was filled with music, cheering, pride and excitement. If someone were not eager for the game to start, it was his or her own fault after experiencing this rousing pep rally. The band, cheerleaders, staff and students all became involved with the assembly by yelling, clapping and coming together as one united team of Conneaut High School.

The girls at Conneaut High School had the chance to demonstrate their football ability while the guys were able to showcase their cheerleading talents. Each year after Homecoming, the girls sign up to participate in a powder puff football game which serves as a fund-raiser for the 2013 prom. The game took place at the SPARK Stadium on Oct. 20. Each girl wore a set of flags; if her flag was ripped off, she was considered tackled. The game schedule went as follows: seniors versus freshmen, juniors versus sophomores, then seniors versus juniors. The seniors knocked down the freshmen with a score of 46-0.The juniors then kept the upperclassmen vibe going and defeated the sophomores 16-6.

“It was nice for the girls to get out and show what they got, showing the guys that we can do it just as good as they can,” said junior quarterback Brooke Bennett. Seniors were able to take home the championship with a 12-0 win over the juniors.

Cheerleading was no problem for a couple of the junior boys. Kyle Sprinkle, Mikey Teed, Dylan Moricci, Dillon Griswold and freshman Sean O’Meara were in charge of the halftime show during the game. Brian Duris took on two responsibilities; he was not only the sophomore cheerleader, but also the sophomore coach as well. The boys had pompoms and even took a few lessons from the actual cheerleaders before the game. Overall, the event was very successful and gave the students an opportunity to show off everything they had either on the field or on the sidelines.