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ROCK CREEK - - The waterline project tying the village into the county's water supply is nearing completion, with the second phase to begin in a few weeks.

With construction right on schedule, Rock Creek residents should be receiving county water by the end of October, said Larry Meaney, director of the county's Department of Environmental Services.

Village and county officials met with the contractors Thursday as sort of a prelude meeting before work on Phase II begins. The meeting was to make sure everyone was on the same page as far as how the lines will connect, Meaney said.

The contracting company, Rudzik Excavating Inc., will do some exploratory work at the interconnect point to determine the condition of the line.

Meaney said Phase I of the project has been moving along quickly, but Phase II will most likely take a little more time.

"They won't be able to move nearly as quickly because it's replacement work," he said. "They've done an amazing job."

Meaney said, under the contract, Rudzik has until the end of the year to complete the project, but are well ahead of that.

"It was the hopes of the Ohio Environmental Protective Agency that it would be done by the end of October," he said. "It looks like it's going to satisfy everyone's needs."

Meaney said Rudzik will have to contend with the existing water lines as well as gas lines and other obstacles.

Village officials will also work with EPA on the decommission of the water plant, as the project nears completion, Meaney said.

Phase I of the project includes the construction of 25,000 feet of 12-inch-diameter water main and a meter pit in Austinburg and Morgan townships, constructed on Route 45. The second phase of the project includes 6,000 feet of 12 and 8-inch-diameter replacement water main.

Star Beacon Print Edition: 9/8/2006

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