The things 

that they do

In my short time looking into becoming a carrier, I saw they breath life around here.

The Star Beacon news outlet, here in Ashtabula, let’s the people be there all the way, everyday!

The proof is in the paper! The Beacon aims to please the readers. The time they take, they spend it all getting information.

“Each piece is printed with the love of our neighbors around here in mind, all the time.”

The Beacon is close to home. Right in the in-box neighbors can reach out and grab one or two and if they do, call a friend, reach out and touch someone else. They will be the priority too!

They deliver right at your door; your paper will be where ever you request it. You will see your Beacon awaiting for you and maybe your coffee too. Imagine that!

They are coming seven days a week, be it rain or shine: they are there.

Just call them, they are never too late! The things they do make it count! Beacon, around here.

Only the nose knows.

Angela Fisher


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