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When Donald Trump became president in January, there was a total of 142 federal judicial vacancies.

As of Dec. 18, there are only 41 nominees pending for approval of the balance. The senate judicial committee is presently interviewing candidates for these vacancies. One candidate was Matthew Spencer Petersen, who is currently serving as a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission. Petersen eventually removed himself from consideration after he was asked about his experience on trials — including depositions he had worked on — and his answer “was less than five.” He was up for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. 

His testimony followed the narrow confirmation of another one of the president’s judicial nominees, Leonard Steven Graz, to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals despite the fact that he received a “not qualified” rating from the American Bar Association. The White House said earlier said that it would withdraw the nomination of Brett Talley who was also unanimously rated as “not qualified” by the ABA. He was originally nominated to serve as a district judge in Alabama. The administration is also withdrawing the name of Jeff Mateer, who was up for a seat on the district court in Texas, following comments that have surfaced where he called transgender children a part of “Satan’s plan.”

To date, 40 well-known men — in 20 states — have lost their positions or damaged their reputations. Some of them are: Harvey Weinstein who was elected to the Professional Speaker’s Hall of Famed; Charlie Rose — PBS and CBS; Al Franken — U.S. Senator; Mark Halpern — Journalist; Matt Lauer — political commentator; etc., etc. 

Who is going to replaced these men? How many more will be brought up ? University enrollments and graduation numbers are declining and drugs, murders, robberies and other crimes are all on the increase. What does the future hold for us? The 2018 elections must be a turning point for all of us or we are doomed to a increase of what we are going through today. We must elect better experienced representatives and leaders or else? Time is running out ... plan ahead now!

Saad Assad


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