I note that as the election is getting near, Mr. Claypool is getting desperate. After Sheriff Johnson discharged Mr. Claypool from the Sheriff's Department, Robert Boggs gave him a job in the Ashtabula County courthouse. Eventually, he was given a job as head of the 911 department.

This was a political payback as the telephone company's involved were the ones who had the technical expertise to set it up. There was no reason to have a political appointee oversee the work. As far as I know, Mr. Claypool is no electronic or communications expert.

Mr. Claypool is the political mouthpiece for the Democratic machine that has run Ashtabula County for more than 20 years. Mr. Claypool backed the building of the Geneva-on-the-Lake Lodge. Mr. Claypool was an advocate of the "Land Use Reform Plan" that the three Democratic commissioners tried to shove down the throat of the taxpayers. As a reminder, the "Land Use Reform Plan" is a product of the United Nations Environmental Control group who want big government to tell you what you can do on your own property.

This week, Robert Boggs' hand-picked crew, Dan Claypool and Dan Whitmire (another political appointee) who, until recently was on the public payroll, were in the Conneaut McDonald's trying to get help with Claypool's campaign. Last year both men supported the sales tax increase.

This commissioner's race is very simple. Boggs wants Dan Claypool to win the Ashtabula County Commissioner's race. This would return the county to one-party control in the commissioner's office. This is important because if Mr. Claypool is elected, they will increase the county sales tax. A three to zero vote will let them enact it on an emergency basis without a vote of the people. This was how we got the water company, the lodge, tripled the bed tax and tripled the real estate transfer tax. It is the one-party legacy of Ashtabula County.

The sales tax will be another unnecessary burden on taxpayers because without it, next year they will not have enough money to meet the payments of the Geneva State Lodge. This is a fact.

Then to add insult to injury, this last week Boggs and Newcomb added another $500,000 debt to the debt that they already cannot pay by building an outdoor swimming pool at the lodge. It makes one wonder what Mr. Claypool's next political grandstand will be.

Clarence P. Baugher


Star Beacon Print Edition: 9/8/2006

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