Readers share their game plans for Super Bowl

After Rick Morrow's wife, Lynne, serves the family her annual football feast Sunday, they will probably fall asleep before half-time. 


Super Bowl Sunday is often associated with food and parties, and Star Beacon readers are no exception as they plan for the big day.

Jefferson native Lynne Beebe Morrow plans on preparing some “yummy appetizers,” she said. 

“I will probably make pizza with my homemade crust and lots of delicious toppings, including extra cheese,” she said.

Then she’s going to make fruited ice teas and a pecan pie.

“Dinner will be served an hour before kickoff and dessert will follow,” she said. “My husband I will settle into our designated places in the living room to watch the game and, five minutes later, we will both be asleep.”

Dorset resident Tom Addair said he will spend Sunday wondering if the Browns will make it to the Super Bowl in his lifetime, while Jefferson native Bonnie Lightman will be going to a family watch party.

A big-time football fan, Bret Neely of Jefferson said he will be gathering at a friend’s house to watch the game and commercials.

“We will be watching every moment,” said Becky Crain of Ashtabula. “I will be baking croissant-wrapped hot links and homemade macaroni and cheese.” 

Now living in Dubai, Andy Vallance hopes to be watching the game with his brother in “good ole Jefferson.”

Matt Wludyga of Williamsfield also plans to watch the game with a sibling — his brother, as well as friends and neighbors who are Eagles fans.

“I have to cheer for the Eagles anyway for my football pool,” he said. “We will stock up on chips, dips and pizza along with some kind of dessert.”

Deb Young of New Lyme said she’s going to the Clay Street Grille for “great food and good times.”

Deanna Blough of Lenox Township said she’s more like the Morrows — she and her husband, David, will “probably sleep in our recliner and sofa.”

But not everyone is planning to settle in for a super Sunday.

Brian Mendrala of Jefferson said it’s a great time to take advantage of everyone’s focus on the big game.

“Since the stores are empty, it’s a good day to shop or go to dinner,” he said.

Meanwhile, Conneaut resident Sandy Haggart said she’ll be doing “anything but watching the Super Bowl.”

The controversy around players kneeling for the National Anthem has turned some fans off as well.

Dorset native Robin Williams and Marty Miller of Jefferson said they plan to watch something else because of what they said was the disrespect players paid to the American flag earlier this season.

Ralph Rice of Jefferson said he’s also no longer a fan — but he will try to watch the commercials on his phone. 

Bobbi Michaels of Jamestown, Pa.

hasn’t decided whether she will go to the

Veterans of Foreign Wars or watch it at home — but admitted the kneeling protests have dampened her enthusiasm.

“My heart hasn’t been with the games considering all the controversy, but I will watch it,” she said. “I love football.”

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