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ISABEL BROWN. a fifth-grader at Gateway Elementary School, is hoping to participate in a People-to-People trip to Europe next summer.

MARK TODD / Star Beacon

A Conneaut fifth-grader needs helps to become a community ambassador in Europe this summer.

Isabel Brown, 10, hopes to participate in the People-to-People program that sends students in the United States abroad to soak up local culture. Isabel, a student at Gateway Elementary School, was nominated by a teacher for participation, says her mother, Sally.

“She needs to be recommended to be on the student list,” Sally Brown said. “We were just flabbergasted.”

Ahead for Isabel is a 14-day trip to England and France that would include stops at famous landmarks, including Oxford, Normandy and Paris, according to the itinerary. The trip would be quite a thrill for a young girl who has never been out of the country — or on an airplane.

The family has launched a series of fundraisers to help Isabel — who is autistic, according to mom — raise the necessary travel expenses. More money-making ventures are ahead, Brown said.

Isabel, meanwhile, said she hopes the trip becomes a reality. “I feel excited,” she said, smiling.

As a People-to-People ambassador, Isabel will be traveling with kids her own age. She is the perfect person for such an experience, said her proud mother.

“She has really earned this,” Brown said, fighting tears. “And she would share this experience with as many people as she could.”

People interested in helping Isabel can contact Brown at 440-536-1679 or via mail at 429 Depot St., Conneaut, 44030.

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