Legislation that would authorize City Manager Tim Eggleston to seek bids for the possible sale of an old fire station was tabled at Monday's City Council meeting.

The measure, in its third and final reading, was tabled by sponsor Councilman-at-large Neil LaRusch without comment from any members. In weeks leading up to the final vote, some members expressed reluctance to part with the building on Lake Road, former home to now-defunct Fire Station 2. Members said the building has value as a municipal storage facility (its present use) or possibly as an emergency outpost for the city's harbor district.

The measure would have allowed Eggleston to seek quotes for the building, built in the mid-1970s to replace an antiquated fire house in the vicinity of Day and Harbor streets. After the station closed in a consolidation move in the late 1980s, the building was used by the city's litter/recycling office.

Council is under no obligation to accept any bids that would have been received, Eggleston said at the meeting. "It's just the process to get us there," he said.

Admnistrators have said a local contractor, BuildWorks of Conneaut, was interested in the building for use as a sales office for a housing development it will construct on a long-abandoned golf course next door.

The motion to table the ordinance was the only formal action council could take Monday night. Only five of the seven members attended the meeting, meaning council could not rescind its rule requiring three readings for legislation in the first or second reading. At least six members must agree to rescind the three-reading rule.

Absent were Doug Hedrick (Ward 1) and Phil Garcia (Ward 2).

Council will next meet at 7 p.m. Monday, one week ahead of schedule to avoid conflicts with the holidays. Among the measures awaiting attention is the reappointment of council clerk Pamela Harper, a financial matter related to the financing of the recently-constructed aerial sewer line at Chestnut Street and Lake Road, and three reappointments to the Conneaut Cable Advisory Board.

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