The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

March 10, 2014

Man captured from top of FBI building

By Tony Perry
Los Angeles Times

SAN DIEGO — After a five-hour standoff Sunday, a man who had climbed to the top of a building at FBI headquarters in San Diego was taken into custody, officials said.

The man, whose motive was unknown, had climbed a 7-foot-tall security fence at the FBI headquarters in the Sorrento Valley neighborhood about noon Pacific time. He may have injured himself in the process of scaling the fence.

Unable to get into the main FBI building, he instead went to an adjacent parking structure and from there to the roof of a one-story annex building, officials said.

For hours, FBI negotiators tried to persuade the man to surrender. Meanwhile FBI SWAT agents, San Diego police and personnel from the San Diego Fire & Rescue Department surrounded the buildings.

FBI agents took the man into custody about 5 p.m., possibly by diverting his attention with flash-bang grenades.

It’s not known if the man was armed. He had called local television stations to say that he wanted to talk to the FBI and did not trust San Diego police.