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October 18, 2008

Bigfoot dominates the Mailbag

Sports Editor Don McCormack's Mailbag...

‘Big’ news... indeed


Bigfoot is old news.

Everyone knows he exists.

What I’m after now is the elusive chupacabra, the infamous goat sucker.

Mike Gardner



Regarding the Bigfoot DNA evidence, I’ll believe it when I see it.

As you know, DNA analysis can only rule out whatever the creature is NOT.

For instance, the DNA might reveal that the creature is not an ape or not a human or not a bear but it cannot definitively and positively say, “Yes, this is Bigfoot!”

The best that can be hoped for is something like, “DNA analysis suggests that there is a 99.99 percent probability that this is Bigfoot since everything else has been ruled out.”

OK, so that’s almost the same thing as being positive but there is a subtle difference.

In any case, I seriously doubt that a Bigfoot carcass has been found. And in Georgia?!?! Hmmm... ?

Thus far, DNA analysis has turned up the DNA of a human and a possum. Hmmmm? Maybe Bigfoot is really “Opossum Man” — terrifying Hairy Midget who lives in trees.

Or maybe not.

Larry Gasch



I don’t care how much hazing and scoffing you have to endure, your efforts are to be applauded and the written form makes enjoyable reading — thanks for the dose of humor.

By the way, I have heard that because of global warming, the Loch Ness Monster has migrated to Lake Erie and is very content munching on zebra mussels, at least for the time being.

I don’t live in Conneaut anymore — left there in ’57 — but live in Warren now and being a senior citizen now, I will be depending on you and your friends to make sure he/she remains contained with Lake Erie and does not venture south into say Lake Milton or the Berlin Reservoir.

Thanks in advance for your vigilance.

Larry Beers


Dear Mr. McCormack,

I just finished reading your Star Beacon Bigfoot article; the only sports article I believe I’ve ever read... well, aside from all too infrequent blurbs on horse shows or Grand Prix Horse Show jumping events.

The article was hilarious and oh-so-well written.

You may still have a redemption problem, though: you said you’re looking for the Ohio Bigfoot, and the guy claims evidence of the Georgia Bigfoot.

In order to avoid more teasing, you may need to spend your next vacation proving a link between the two Bigfoots... or trick your teasers onto a rooftop in south Ashtabula County and scare them into seeing their own Ohio Bigfoot.

Thanks for a wonderfully refreshing article. I truly enjoyed it.

By the way, when I was a teenager growing up just east of Pittsburgh, there were various claims of Bigfoot sightings not far from where I boarded my first horse — about half a mile from St. Vincent College, where the Steelers practice.


Vanessa N. Hanko

Aka writeroffthelake at

(Vanessa , aka writeroffthelake, made her first short story sale three weeks after she started writing — then sold two more stories the same week. That was in 1976. Since then, Vanessa’s sold fiction and non-fiction in various genres and for all ages from middle-grade through adult.

Some of her previously published short stories are on her Web site, where she also writes a monthly rant for her “Screaming the Fish Cheer” page of her Web site.)

Mr. McCormack,

I found your story about proving all of the doubters to be incorrect about the existence of Yeti (whom you Americans call Bigfoot).

Rest assured, your beliefs are echoed around the world by many individuals, including myself.

Thank you for the interesting perspective.

Anasi Aksoy

Istanbul, Turkey

Mr. McCormack,

I very much enjoyed your off-the-wall column about Bigfoot and being able to throw it back at those who scoffed at your entertaining tale two years ago.

Please keep up the great work — it’s nice to read something different from time to time and your column certainly made that possible.


Earnest Lincoln

Boise, Ihaho


Bigfoot, huh? Do you still believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, too?

I’ll say this much — you are a different kind of sports writer.

Maybe you are a yet-to-be-identified species yourself!

Thanks for the laughs.

Jose Lecanto

Puerto Rico


So we know all about you and Bigfoot.

What’s the story about you and lawnmowers?

Grace Klein


n Mike, Larry, Larry, Vanessa, Anasi, Earnest, Jose, Grace: Thanks for recognizing the spirit of that column. — Don

Skip Caray, RIP


I echo your sadness on the passing of longtime Atlanta Braves broadcaster Skip Carey.

For three years in the late ’80s, I worked in Richmond, Va. as the public-relations director for the Richmond Braves (AAA affiliate for the Atlanta Braves).

One of the highlights of each season was the preseason exhibition game when Atlanta would come to Richmond to play the R-Braves. Each year, I got to work closely with Skip Caray, Ernie Johnson and Pete Van Weiren during that game.

I have nothing but complimentary things to say about those three. They were very professional, but also very humble about their positions.

All three were great guys and those days are good memories for me.

Skip will be missed.

Scott Torok


n Scott, thanks for the cool story, sir. — Don

And you are... ?


You had it in your column that Craig Muder was the 17th guy to hold the position of Star Beacon sports editor.

That would make you 18 right?

Let’s see Vince Doria is at ESPN, Mike Starkey is at the Plain Dealer, Owen Youngman is at the Chicago Tribune, Randy Youngman is at the Orange County Register, Scot Fagerstrom is at the Akron Beacon Journal, Ed Puskas is at the Warren Tribune, John Kampf is at the Lake County News-Herald and Muder is at the Hall of Fame.

And where are you?

That’s what I thought.

J.S. Campbell


n J.S., thanks for reading. — Don

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