The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

January 26, 2013

Dad creates colorful hill for daughter in Ashtabula

Star Beacon

ASHTABULA — A desire to provide a safe place for his daughter to go sledding got the creative juices flowing for Aaron Carr of Pierpont.

“It’s awesome,” said Lauren Carr, 5, of Ashtabula, after demonstrating a trip down the four-and-a-half foot snow mound complete with a variety of colors and an American flag.

“They’ve been asking how I did it,” said Carr of the many people who stopped by on Friday. “This is the second one this year,” he said.

Carr said he found a wagon wheel in the trash and used it as a base so he could reach up and help put his daughter safely on the small hill.

“As I was working on it I probably had 15 people stop by and ask about it,” he said. The snow mound was made in the front yard which was easier and safer for sledding than the hill behind her home, Carr said.

After creating the hill he carved a center spot for the sled and decorated it with arrows showing the proper direction to slide. “We just took some food coloring,” he said.

Carr said it took about a half a box of food coloring to create the effect he was looking for. “I just sprayed it on with a spray bottle,” he said.

Carr was adding a wooden rabbit adjacent to the American flag late Friday afternoon in preparation for use today when friends arrive to share the sled mound with Lauren.