The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

August 25, 2013

UH Conneaut and Geneva has cancer care much closer to home

For the Star Beacon

CONNEAUT — People in Conneaut and across Ashtabula County don’t need to travel far for common cancer consultation, testing, diagnosis and treatment, according to a release from UH Conneaut and Geneva medical centers.

The two hospitals have partnered to provide most cancer-related services without the need to visit a big-city facility, according to the statement.

“Many cancers can be treated with chemotherapy every week or every three weeks — even once a month,” Jason A. Stern, DO, hematologist and oncologist at UH Geneva Medical Center, said in the statement. “Typically, someone from the area with breast, lung or colon cancer can come to (UH Geneva) for their consultation, testing and check-up and get their infusion at UH Conneaut Medical Center.”

Currently, the hospital offers weekly treatments. At UH Conneaut, infusion patients have their own with private bath and television, family members may also stay with them and — if treatment coincides with lunchtime — they receive a tray from the cafeteria, according to the statement.

“It’s a very restful, homelike environment at (UH Conneaut),” Karen McNeil, chief nursing officer at UH Conneaut and Geneva, said in the statement.

The hospital also provides complete physician and nursing backup to patients during their treatments. “Patients appreciate being able to say close by, especially those who are older or who aren’t feeling their best,” said Teresa Pelow, infusion nurse at UH Conneaut.

Robert David, president at UH Conneaut and Geneva medical centers, appreciates the cancer care provided the two hospitals by Stern and others associated with UH’s Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland. “Their support is overwhelming,” David said in a statement.