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February 17, 2013

Conneaut High School students still enjoy their ‘courts’

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CONNEAUT — Regardless of the era, students at Conneaut High School still seem to get a kick out of some traditions that goes back generations.

In an electronic era where computers are replacing chalkboards, some old-school traditions remains, and are even embraced — including high school dances and the courts that accompany them. Most recently, the school held a dance presided over by the 2013 Snow Court, which features Queen Caitlin Cole and attendants Carissa Nardo, Amber Barnhart, Lydia Coccitto, Brooke Lahnan and Brooke Sanford.

Don’t be puzzled by the Snow Court name. Sometimes the event is known as the Valentine Court, said Dawn Zappitelli, CHS principal. “It’s the same thing,” she said, laughing.

CHS seniors nominate the court, while school staff select the queen, Zappitelli said.

Other courts are convened during the course of a school year, most notably Homecoming and Prom. Today’s high-tech students still seem to enjoy events their great-grandparents probably attended.

“The kids seem to like them,” Zappitelli said.

Not surprisingly, both Prom and Homecoming draw the most participants, Zappitelli said. “They’re both well-attended,” she said.

The other dances? Well, it depends.

“There’s a lot of variables” that go into attendance, such as whether the event follows a game, Zappitelli said. Still, the 2013 Snow Court festivities drew a respectable crowd, she said.

“It’s a nice break in the middle of winter,” Zappitelli said.

The next big deal comes May 11, when the school’s Prom is held at the Avalon Hotel in Erie, Pa.