The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

May 15, 2013

Commissioners oppose Ohio Recorder’s Association’s proposal

Staff Writer

JEFFERSON — Ashtabula County Commissioners adopted a resolution, Tuesday, opposing the Ohio Recorder’s Association’s proposal in House Bill 59.

The proposal would allow the county recorder to submit a written proposal to the commissioners for either or both of the following: The acquisition and maintenance of imaging and other technological equipment and associated expenses and contract services or to reserve funds for the office’s future technology needs if the county recorder has no immediate plans for the equipment. No more than $8 of the base fee collected for filing or recording a document would be placed in a special fund in the county treasury designated as “general fund moneys to supplement the equipment technology needs of the county recorder” for a period of one year fro the date the proposal is approved by the commissioners.

The proposal removes the authority of the commissioners to reject or modify the proposal and instead causes such funds to be mandatory upon request. The proposal also includes language which the commissioners would be unable to diminish funding for expenses of the recorder’s office which would invite unnecessary and costly litigation when a remedy of a writ of mandamus already exists.

“We’ve been very generous with our county recorder with her equipment needs,” said Joe Moroski, board president.

Commissioners also approved a subgrant agreement with the Ashtabula County Technical and Career Center (ATECH) for the TANF Summer Youth Opportunities program through the Ashtabula County Department of Job and Family Services. The program creates opportunities for low-income TANF-eligible youth the gain valuable work experience while earning a paycheck to help meet basic needs. The program also gives youth the opportunity to develop a work history and have a current reference from an employer.

In other business

Board members adopted a resolution ordering a bid for traffic zone marking paint. The Ashtabula County Engineer’s Office estimate is $59,042.50.

Commissioners approved a lease agreement with the Ashtabula County Soil and Water Conservation District for space at 39 Wall St. in the village. The lease amount is $9,975 payable in annual installments.

Commissioners authorized a joint application between the commissioners and the Ashtabula County Prosecutor to hire outside legal council from Attorney Rich & Gillis Law Group, LLC, to advise the county auditor in direct appeal to the Ohio State Supreme Court from a decision of the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals.

n Commissioners approved a number of financial transactions for the county