The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

July 21, 2013

Conneaut is busy flushing fire hydrants

Star Beacon

CONNEAUT — The city of Conneaut has begun flushing fire hydrants and will continue the preventative maintenance duty into early August, according to a statement from City Hall.

Residents should avoid doing laundry on days when work is scheduled in their neighborhood and run faucets to clear lines of any rusty water. Here’s the remaining 2013 schedule:

• July 22 — Millard, Lakeview and Clinton avenues; Sherman, Chadman, Parker and Williams streets

• July 23 — Fairmont Street; Wayne Dalton plant; Chamberlain Boulevard; Parrish Road (hydrant at the pump station); Malek Park; Maple Avenue (dead end hydrant)

• July 24 — Golfview, Sunrise, Parkview, Crestwood, Lake Breeze and Sunset drives; Parrish Road (north of CSX tracks)

• July 25 — Lake Rd. (between 1069 Lake and 1590 Lake); Crystal Springs Drive (dead end hydrant); Lake Park and Margo drives; Burrington Heights; Salisbury Road

• July 26 — Catch-up day

• July 29 — Chestnut Street (south of NS tracks); Maple Avenue; Madison Street (from Chestnut Street west)

• July 30 — Whitney, Center, West and Tower streets; Fifield, Hosford and Brown ave

• July 31 — State Street (between Chestnut and Main streets); Main Street (between Chestnut Street and Cummins Avenue); Lincoln Drive; McKinley, Grandview and Fifield avenues; West Street

• Aug. 1 — West Main Rd. (to Parrish Road); UH Conneaut Medical Center; Grifton and Townsend avenues; Leamur Drive; Leith Walk; Bloor and King streets; Parrish Road (between West Main Road and Conneaut Creek)

• Aug. 2 — West Main Rd. (between Parrish Road/Highland Avenue); Conneaut Plaza shopping center parking lot; Cedar, Hawthorne and Highland avenues; Oakland Boulevard

• Aug. 5 — Highland Apartments parking lot and fire lane; Industry Drive; Dibble and South Amboy roads; Sunset and West Wind apartments; West Main Rd. (between Highland Avenue and the North Kingsville line)

• Aug. 6 — Gore, North Amboy and Creek roads; Joann and Janet drives

• Aug. 7 — Main Street (between Harbor Str./Wrights Ave.); Cleveland Court; State Street (between Harbor /Bartlett streets)

• Aug. 8 — 300 block of Orange Str.; Mill Street (between Liberty and Madison streets); Clay and Grant streets; Park Place; 100 and 200 blocks of Harbor Str.t; Wrights Avenue (between Liberty/Madison streets); Washington Street (between Liberty/State streets); Nickle Plate Ave.; Buffalo and Sandusky streets (between Main/Madison streets)

• Aug. 9 — North Liberty and South Liberty streets; Liberty Str. (between Harbor/541 Liberty streets); Old Main and Woodworth rds.; Dorman Rd. (from East Main Rd. north