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May 15, 2013

KSUA business students head to Poland

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ASHTABULA — Kent State University at Ashtabula Business Management students will travel to Lublin, Poland this month as an option for students enrolled in the “Business Consulting and Practicum” course being taught this spring.  

Six senior students will present a business plan model to the Lubella Corporation, a leading manufacturer of pasta products in Poland.  The group will spend a week presenting to and touring several businesses and community organizations in Poland, and the trip will culminate in the students presenting their research to the board of directors at Lubella.  Course professor, Dr. Joseph T. Kuvshinikov, has had a professional relationship with Lubella in the past and will be accompanying the students on their trip.

The business consulting course involves students acting as consultants in designing and presenting a business model for a company.  This semester’s students had the unique experience of working with an international client.  Lubella’s request to the students was for research supporting the use of sustainable packaging for their products that would generate revenue and enhance customer value.  Students were then given the optional opportunity to visit Poland and present to Lubella’s board in-person after the spring semester ends.

Nick Schulte, a senior Business Management major from Geneva, recently transferred to Kent State Ashtabula from a larger university.  He hopes the trip will help him secure a job in the business consulting field.

 “The opportunity to study in Poland is a unique experience and not one that I would have had at my previous school,” Schulte said. “This experience will, and has already, provided me with a better understanding of consulting internationally, thus allowing me to further my efforts in pursuit of a career in business consulting.”

 Students going on the trip include: Allison Beachey, John McEndree, Melinda McNutt, Ron Michael, Branden Mullins, and Nick Schulte.

 Theseatudents are collecting donations to assist them in offsetting travel expenses.  Those interested in donating should contact h Kuvshinikov at 440-964-4284 or