The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

January 3, 2013

Beer party brings lots of teens, deputies

Star Beacon

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP —  A party over the weekend drew an estimated 100 people to a Fortney Road address.

According to a report from the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department, shortly before midnight Sunday, deputies were alerted to the possibility of a party involving at least two under-aged males. The father of the two sons, both under 21, met with deputies and advised them of the party. The man told the deputies that he was concerned there would be “a problem” if he attempted to get his sons out of the party by himself.

When deputies entered the house with the man, they observed “approximately 100 people who were drinking, yelling and smoking.” One of the deputies also observed “suspects climbing in and out of windows” and beer cans and liquor bottles scattered on the snow.

The deputy noted that most of the individuals who had a beer can in their hands appeared to be under the age of 21. None of those he spoke to had an ID card, nor did could the subjects provide a Social Security number.

The deputies observed at least three garbage bags full of empty beer cans and liquor bottles, as well as full and empty beer cans and liquor bottles in the living room, kitchen and hallway leading to bedrooms.

One of the man’s sons, 18, was located in a bedroom; the second one had already left the scene with a friend.

The owner of the residence told the deputies that she initially invited just a a few friends to “get together,” but the guest list grew rapidly as word of the party spread. She claimed she did not purchase the beer or liquor; it had been carried in by the revelers. And she told a deputy that she invited only people more than 21. When questioned about why she did not check for proof, she told the deputy that the crowd had grown too large for that.

The deputy heard one of the subjects ask the owner for a refund. When questioned about a cover charge, the suspect stated “maybe some people gave me money to help out with the party,” the report stated.

Deputies broke up the party and disposed of all alcoholic beverages. The deputies and a sergeant cleared from the scene about an hour after the sergeant arrived and directed the deputies to dispose of the hooch.

Charges of offenses involving underage persons are under review, the report states.