The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

January 2, 2013

Another kind of cliff...

Kids, adults enjoy sledding on final day of winter break

Star Beacon

ASHTABULA TOWNSHIP — Snow is colder than 9-year-old Colter Klasek thought it would be, but the white stuff turned out to be twice as much fun as he ever could have imagined.

Up until a few days ago, Klasek, of Palm Bay, Fla., had only seen snow on television. All that changed with a trip to visit his Aunt Billie Fusco in Ashtabula and a day of sledding at Lake Shore Park.

“In Florida, we sled on hardwood ramps, not on snow,” he said. “Snow is way more fun.”

Fusco said her Florida nephew was comical in the northern exposure.

“We sent him out to play in the snow and he came back missing one glove and one shoe,” she laughed. “We had to tell him that you can’t just lose your gloves and shoes because you’ll get sick!”

Bundled up in hats and boots, people gathered to enjoy the last day of winter break on the hills of Lake Shore Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Robert Dille had a little monkey on his back all the way down the hill as 5-year-old daughter Madelyn used him as a sled.

“Lake Shore Park has always been the place to sled ride when we were kids,” Dille said. “Around here, you know which places have the best hills.”

Austin Hines, 10, Mark Dalrymple, 11, and Dominic Paolillo, 10, all of Kingsville, were making the most of every run down the hill. They also took advantage of the puddle of slush and mud at the bottom of the slope.

“Well, tomorrow we have to go back to school,” Paolillo said. “Today is the last day of fun.”

Hines said he is certain he gets 15 mph on his sled.

“I bet I get 20 mph,” Paolillo said.

Katrina Schmidt, 13, of Ashtabula, said her fingers were frozen.

“My hands are so cold,” she said. “I’m going to go home and take a hot shower and then sleep.”

Alyvia Dalrymple, 11, of Ashtabula, tried her skill at snow boarding this year.

“I crashed a lot,” she said. “But I thought it would be fun, you know, more challenging than just sledding.”

Mom Jamey Dalrymple said nothing scares her daughter.

“She has always been my daredevil,” she said.

Jefferson resident Brad South enjoyed the fun rides down the hill and tugged son Braydon, 3, back up every time.

“We were here yesterday, too,” South said. “This was Braydon’s first time out in the snow, so we had a good time.”

Braydon remembers all the highlights.

“I went really fast and then I crashed,” he said.