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June 16, 2013

Firefighters compete in Geneva-on-the-Lake

Star Beacon

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — A small, but hearty crew of firefighters battled it out Saturday afternoon at The Landing during the 6th Annual Firefighters’ Roundup.

A large ball hung on a rope was the means of competition during the games that included firefighters from Trumbull County and Plymouth Township.

“Two of the ladies from our department (came last year). They told us all about it,” said Josh Newton of the Burghill Vernon fire department

The event is organized and sponsored by Old Firehouse Winery said Josh Newton of the Burghill Vernon fire department located near the Pennsylvania border in Trumbull County.

Brook Hall, of the Old Firehouse Winery, said the event is meant to give back to firefighters and the community, he said of the event that had less competition this year.

“We don’t have a big turnout today, but we have a lot of vendors,” he said.

Family and friends gathered around the hoses as firefighters battled it out in a two out of three competition

Hall said Plymouth Fire Department brought a tank with water. “Everybody kind of pitches in,” he said.

A parade kicked off the event with five fire departments participating.

Hall said the event will continue next year and a group of firefighters have agreed to help plan the event and encourage more participation.

Jonathon Richardson, of the Plymouth Fire Department, said representatives from the department have participated during all six competitions.

“We just enjoy competing with the other fire departments and having a good time,” he said.

Richardson said there are cross-over benefits to the competition as well. “It teaches you hose control,” he said.