The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

October 29, 2012

Residents replace trees lost in vandalism

Star Beacon


 Residents are figuring out how to replace their trees and property after vandals  left their mark on the village Thursday night.

Thomas Talcott, 316 N. Chestnut St., met with a representative from Girard Nurseries Saturday about replacing 11 trees on his property.

“(The perpetrators) cut down five trees and six got their branches stripped off,” he said, noting the damage totaled $1,735.

Village Administrator Terry Finger said he couldn’t believe the destruction of property, private and public. 

Jefferson Village Police Department Deputy Chief Dave Wassie said it appears the suspects started at the park east of the village, knocking over park benches, destroying signage, tipping over drums, damaging property and stealing items from Halloween displays, including a hatchet.

The hatchet was then used to chop down small trees and strip trees of branches north on Chestnut Street to the Routes 307, 46 and 167 intersection, Wassie said.

Police continued to investigate the incidents Monday and to observe outside video footage that may have captured the suspects in the act, Wassie said.

Anyone with information on the vandalism or the solicitation, should call the village police at 440-576-0010.