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April 22, 2013

Woman offers $10,000 for dog’s return

Star Beacon

GENEVA TOWNSHIP —  Her face pressed to the glass of the airplane window, Amy Rowan held her breath during takeoff and stared at the ground below. She looked with weary eyes and a desperate heart, but found nothing.

Rowan has walked countless miles, she has flown over thousands of houses and she has knocked on hundreds of doors in the last two weeks, looking for her lost dog, Marne.

Rowan, the owner of the Geneva Dog and Pony pet sitting and training facility on Barnum Road, is offering a $10,000 reward for Marne’s return — no questions asked.

“I am offering $10,000 for her return and the only reason it isn’t more money is that I don’t have more money,” she said. “I will not stop looking until I find her, even if the news isn’t good. I have to know what happened to her. I have to find her.”

Rowan said she is afraid Marne may have been found by people who do not have the best intentions, and she hopes the promise of significant reward money will make a difference.

“I believe that the money will make a difference,” she said. “Of course, I worry because there are dog fighting rings in this area and people sell dogs off for bait, so I am hoping that anyone who would find her and hope to sell her for that or for any other reason would realize that she is worth $10,000 to me.”

Marne is spayed and microchipped, but is not wearing a collar. She is shy and likely scared, but could be hungry and respond to food. She is a service dog in training, Rowan said.

Rowan has been in tireless search every day since the 20-month-old yellow Labrador went missing. She hasn’t slept, she has barely eaten.

“This is killing me, the not knowing,” she said. “I just feel like I have to know what happened to her. I just need to know.”

The Geneva area is plastered with posters of a yellow Labrador puppy — “Have you seen Marne?” printed on them in dark ink. Rowan has hired an airplane search three times — the last search was a massive air-and-ground search on Sunday. Though there have been sightings and several false alarms, Marne is still missing after 14 days. Since Marne crawled under Rowan’s backyard fence and into the night on April 8, Rowan has met with people who claim to have Marne and people who think they might have seen her.

Rowan said she is hoping someone will come across Marne and do the right thing and bring her home.

“The truth of the matter is that Marne is adorable, but she isn’t worth $10,000 to anyone but me,” Rowan said. “My love is her value. I want it to be enough money that someone would come forward and return her, even if they wanted to keep her. I want her to be worth more alive than dead. I hope the money is enough that someone would turn in the person who has her, if that is the case.”

Anyone with information on a female yellow Labrador can call Rowan at 576-8609. Updates on the search and photos of Marne are available on Facebook with the search terms “bringing Marne home.”