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February 3, 2013

Geneva Veterinary Clinic is offering free pet dental checkups

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GENEVA — February is National Pet Dental Health Month and to celebrate, the Geneva Veterinary Clinic is checking those chompers.

“Schedule an appointment to bring your pet into the clinic where one of our medical team members will check their teeth for free to see if a teeth cleaning will improve their health,” said clinic manager Sue Nines.

“As a bonus we will also check their ears as well, to make sure there isn’t anything brewing,” she said.

Nines said the staff at the Geneva Veterinary Clinic wants to educate pet owners about the importance of dental care for their animals.

The clinic’s dental month is called “Flip the Lip,” Veterinarian Christi Hanzel said.

“Bad breath is a sign of dental disease. Periodontal disease begins with a bacterial film called plaque forming on your pet’s teeth. Over time the plaque becomes hardened to the teeth and forms tartar or calculus,” she said.

If the tartar gets out of control, it can extend into the gum line and cause gingivitis.

“If left untreated, the bacteria can travel into the bloodstream and affect vital organs,” Hanzel said.

Special pricing for tooth cleaning services will be offered if a “Flip the Lip” patient needs some dental attention, Nines said.

To schedule a free pet dental exam, call 361-4363. For more information on pet dental health and other pet health topics, visit

“Don’t ignore your pet’s teeth,” Hanzel said. “Work together with a veterinarian to take the steps necessary to insure your pet keeps those pearly whites for a long time to come.”