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March 13, 2013

Unpaved roads puts big rut to driving in Conneaut

Star Beacon


 Sloppy, rutted unpaved roads in Conneaut will remain a driving challenge for awhile, City Manager Tim Eggleston said Tuesday.

Administrators are looking at the problem, Eggleston said in a statement, but cautioned poor weather and a depleted budget will hamper immediate repair efforts. “Staff is working on the problem, and with rain in the forecast it does not look like the roads are going to get any better.”

City leaders are well aware of concerns with Conneaut’s secondary roads. City Council members, at a Monday night meeting, said they are receiving complaints from residents.

“There are a few really, really bad ones,” said Council President Thomas Udell, singling out Dorman Road for special mention.

Ward 2 Councilman Phil Garcia was more direct, saying the roads are in “horrendous” condition.

At the meeting, Eggleston said there is little that can be done for the roads until they dry out and the season’s freeze-thaw cycle is completed. Eggleston elaborated further in a statement issued Tuesday morning. He said the city is “working to figure out how to help with the problem the best we can with the limited resources we have.”

Conneaut isn’t doing anything different that other governments when it comes to dealing with unpaved roads, Eggleston said. Some material, such as bank gravel and grits, isn’t a long-term solution, he said in the statement.

“It is cheap, but does not hold up to traffic,” he said.

Drivers need to slow down on dirt roads, since high speeds contribute to pot holes, Eggleston said.

Little was set aside in 2013 for stone and other material used in secondary road projects. Residents were told last year road paving and repair projects for this year hinged on support of a levy on the November ballot. The levy was defeated by 170 votes.

“We didn’t really budget anything (for road work this year),” Eggleston said.