The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

August 31, 2012


52 arrested so far in ‘Operation Meth Death’

Star Beacon

JEFFERSON — As predicted, law enforcement officers have made more arrests in the wake of an Ashtabula County-wide sweep of people accused of drug-related crimes.

Several people secretly indicted by the county grand jury late month were picked up Wednesday and Thursday, according to County Prosecutor Thomas Sartini. Four were found in Trumbull Township, while another man turned himself in to authorities, Sartini said. As of Thursday morning, the number climbed to 52 taken into custody out of 67 persons indicted by the grand jury on July 26.

“Operation Meth Death” zeroed in on people suspected of buying excessive amounts of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the manufacture of methamphetamine.  The amount that can be legally purchased is nine grams in any 30-day period or 3.6 grams in any one day.

Involved in the investigation were officers from the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office and the Madison Township, Geneva, Geneva-on-the-Lake and Jefferson police departments, Sartini said.

Many of those arrested have already been arraigned in Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court on a charge of illegal assembly of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs — a felony — and released on personal recognizance bonds, officials said. Eight other people were arrested on charges unrelated to “Meth Death,” including six found at meth labs officers discovered in Andover, Orwell, Saybrook, Ashtabula and Conneaut.

The following is a list of individuals arrested to date as part of “Operation Meth Death,” a nine-month drug investigation conducted by area law enforcement agencies. Names were provided by the Ashtabula County prosecutor’s office. A city of residence, if known, follows the name in parenthesis. The city was taken from the suspect’s mailing address found on the Ashtabula County court system’s website:

Courtney Allen (Jefferson); Rose Beres (Painesville); Keith Bilbrey II (Ashtabula); Charles Bowden (Orwell); Jeffery Brunty (Ashtabula); Kevin Bucci (Conneaut); Alisha Campbell (Williamsfield); Amber Chesnic (Geneva); Joseph Cosper (Geneva); Melissa Crouse (Andover); Elena Cruz (Geneva); John Dickey (Conneaut); Daniel Dorazio (Leroy); Joshua Eubank; Andrew Heniger, Heather Herold (Geneva); Jonathan Guinn; Jeffrey Ignat (Geneva); Deloris Johnson (Ashtabula); Opal Johnson (Orwell); Justin Leffel (Madison); Marisa Leffell (Geneva); Megan Leffel (Geneva); Josh Lewandowski (Ashtabula); Michael Lynch (Ashtabula); Timothy Mason (Ashtabula); Teresa Maylish (Jefferson); Robert Mullen (Geneva); Daniel Nelson; Arminda Norris (Ashtabula); Amanda Olsen (Orwell); Sean Parker (Madison); Michael Patton (Ashtabula); Ashley Phillips (Geneva); Maria Rosario (Ashtabula); Robert Purtilo (Geneva); Heather Shellenberger; Steven M. Soukup III (Jefferson); Brittany Throop (Jefferson); Donald Tingley; Jessica Torok; Robert Turner; Kenneth Tuttle; Rufus Tyus (Jefferson); Zachary Udell (Jefferson); Brittany Volanski (Jefferson); Kimberly Waller (Ashtabula); Jackie Watson (Geneva); Phillip Webster (Ashtabula); Jeffrey Westmoreland (Rome); Amber Wiles (Ashtabula); Myranda Williams (Geneva); Amy Wurm.