The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

July 9, 2013

Water rescue calls keep Conneaut crews active

Staff Writer

CONNEAUT — Water rescue complaints — some real, some imaginary — have kept Conneaut firefighters active the past few days, according to reports.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday, crews answered a call of a swimmer in distress in the area of the Township Park beach. Trucks and personnel were dispatched to vantage points along the lakefront.

The call turned out to be a false alarm, firefighters said. The individual in question was not in trouble and did not require assistance, according to a report.

Two days earlier, on Friday afternoon, city firefighters did assist kayakers who found themselves trapped by rushing water on Conneaut Creek in Monroe Township. Four kayakers were paddling on the waterway when one fell out, firefighters said. The individual made it safely to shore, he said.

The remaining kayakers continued downstream a short distance, also flipped on the rough water and wound up being pinned against a wall in the vicinity of the State Road covered bridge, firefighters said. The fire department’s airboat was used to reach the kayakers and ferry them to safety, firefighters said. No injuries were reported and none of the kayakers required medical attention, he said.

Wet weather the past few weeks has made Conneaut Creek deeper and swifter than usual this summer. In mid-June, the airboat was used to rescue a woman and a boy trapped by rapid water on a spit of land near South Parrish Road.