The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

January 18, 2014

Lenox teen turns mother in for meth lab

Star Beacon

JEFFERSON — A 34-year-old Lenox Township woman was arrested Thursday after her teenage daughter turned her in for manufacturing methamphetamine in their home.

Heidi S. Pavlovski, of 1600 Lenox-New Lyme Road #24, was arraigned Friday afternoon in Eastern County Court on charges of illegal manufacture of drugs, a first-degree felony and endangering children, a third-degree felony. Bond was set at $25,000 cash or 10 percent surety, according to a court spokesperson.

Pavlovski’s 16-year-old daughter asked an adult friend to drive her to the Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department so she could file the report.

She reportedly told deputies she is extremely concerned about the illegal narcotics-related activities of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. According to the report, the  girl broke down several   times

and started crying while speaking to deputies about the conditions she is living in.

The teen reportedly told deputies her mother is deeply involved in drugs and continuously spent all of their money on drugs, according to reports.

She reportedly told deputies her mother obtained money from an Ohio child support card, which was about $60 per week, and an Ohio food stamps card, which was about $450 per month, according to reports.

The teenager reportedly said her mother would often “cook” meth in their home while she was present. She reportedly described to deputies the method in which her mother would “cook” meth, according to reports.

She reportedly told deputies her mother cooked meth within the last four days, and last used meth on Wednesday, according to reports.

The teen reportedly told deputies, when her mother cooked meth, the residence would fill with chemical smoke despite the multiple fans her mother turned on, according to reports.

The report states, the teenager told deputies, “she cooks it right in front of me, not caring about what the chemicals could do.”

She also reportedly told deputies her mother would take her to pharmacies all over the area so she could purchase pseudoephedrine products. During the trips, she reportedly would instruct her daughter to “act like she was sick” so the pharmacy employees would not be suspicious, according to reports.

Deputies reportedly followed the teen to the residence, where Pavlovski was standing outside with the door wide open, according to reports.

Pavlovski reportedly gave deputies permission to go inside the residence, where they reportedly immediately detected a chemical odor, according to reports.

Deputies were granted permission to search the residence and recovered numerous items used in the manufacture of meth. Items were recovered from the kitchen, master bedroom and sunroom, according to reports.

Pavlovski was arrested and transported to Ashtabula County Jail, according to reports.

Children Services was contacted and the teen was placed temporarily with her father, according to reports.

Deputies also learned, Pavlovski’s boyfriend was reportedly taken to Ashtabula County Medical Center earlier in the day for a mental evaluation because of reported suicidal threats. According to reports, during the emergency room intake, he reportedly told the medical staff he used meth two days prior.

Charges may be filed against the boyfriend as well.