The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

April 22, 2014

Woman held against her will, assaulted by boyfriend

Staff Writer


A 40-year-old Saybrook Township man is facing charges after allegedly holding his girlfriend against her will and assaulting her.
The Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department received a report, Saturday, of a woman running around the neighborhood on Depot Road acting "crazy.
Once deputies arrived in the area, they found a woman on the ground next to the road. She was reportedly curled up in a ball, yelling that she was scared and begging for someone to help her, according to the Sheriff's report.
The woman's shirt was torn, she was not wearing shoes and had grass and twigs in her hair and was sweating profusely, according to the report.
The woman was reportedly gasping for air and repeating that she was "trying to get away from him" and asking "am I safe now?" and "can you protect me?," according to the report.
It reportedly took several minutes for deputies to calm the woman down enough to get her name. She told deputies that she was held in her boyfriend's home against her will and was assaulted by him when she tried to escape out a window, according to the report.
A neighbor advised deputies the boyfriend had fled down Depot Road prior to their arrival, according to the report.
Deputies were able to get the woman back in the house where they reportedly found the entrance hallway littered with miscellaneous items including a hair dryer and shoe. More signs of a struggle were observed in the dining room with a purse partially dumped on the floor, clothes scattered around the room, empty pill bottles and furniture set askew, according to the report.
Deputies also reportedly observed curtains pulled off the wall and a bent curtain rod partially pulled off the wall as well as several gouges in the wall. There was also part of a broken cell phone on the floor, according to the report.
The woman reportedly told deputies she and her boyfriend had a romantic evening planned, but she had an anxiety attack and needed to be alone for a few minutes to gather herself. Her boyfriend didn't want to hallway it and engaged in an argument, according to the report.
When she got up to leave, he reportedly blocked her way and told her to sit down, that she wasn't going anywhere. He then forced her to sit down and stood over her in a menacing way, according to the report.
The altercation reportedly made her anxiety increase and she needed to take her prescribed anxiety medication; however, her boyfriend took the pill bottles and dumped them down the toilet, according to the report.
A physical altercation ensued between the two which moved throughout the house and finally ended in the bathroom, according to the report.
The woman told deputies her boyfriend pushed, pulled, dragged and hit her. Her clothes were torn and her shoes were pulled off and he took her cell phone and smashed in against the wall, according to the report.
The woman opened the bathroom window and tried to climb out, but her boyfriend reportedly grabbed her by the legs and pulled her back inside, according to the report.
Deputies sent out a "Be On The Lookout" (BOLO) for the man, to all neighboring law enforcement agencies. Deputies tried to contact him via cell phone, but were not successful. The suspect later called ACSO dispatch to return the deputies call and reportedly stated if deputies wanted to speak to him they would have to go through his attorney, according to the report.
Deputies seized five firearms from the residence as well as drug paraphernalia. The suspect reportedly called ACSO to report the firearms stolen. When deputies went to his home, he had fled again, according to the report.
The report was forwarded to the Ashtabula City Solicitor's Office for charges. City Solicitor Michael Franklin said he prepared charges of domestic violence, unlawful restraint and possibly interference with public service.
An Ashtabula Municipal Court spokesperson said the charges have not been filed yet and the suspect will most likely be arraigned today.