The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

December 15, 2013

Rock Creek Elementary students make towers out of Oreos

Star Beacon

ROCK CREEK — The gifted math class at Rock Creek Elementary School used their problem-solving skills to build towers out of Oreo cookies.

They first had to estimate how tall they thought they could build them. This activity gave the students a chance to practice working as a team, and to keep trying new ideas.  

It was discovered that Oreo cream makes a good adhesive. After several different attempts, and dismantling the cookies, the girls built a tower that was 17-inches tall.  

They were closest to their original estimate of 24-inches.  

The boys built their tower to a height of 13-inches.  Their original estimate was 36-inches.  

Both teams discovered that building the towers was a lot more difficult than it looked.

Here is what the kids thought about it:

“It was tough! It took a long time, and it was fun!” —Megan Brand

“It was fun! It was nice having other people to help.” —Pauline Forman

“It was one of the funnest things I’ve done!” —Allie Wintz

“Even though we couldn’t get it to balance at times, it was still fun! —Allison Krawsczyn

“There was a close tie, it was fun to compete with the girls, and the balancing was hard.” —Alexander Hollis

“This one of the best things we’ve done in class. It was messy, fun, and created lots of laughs, so in general we all had fun and all of us technically won.” —Joe Hamper, Jr.