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November 13, 2013

Andover woman may be charged in scam

Star Beacon

JEFFERSON — An Andover woman could be facing charges after getting involved with a man she met online.

The 53-year-old woman attempted to pick-up three laptop computers at Wal-Mart in Ashtabula Township, that were reportedly purchased through the company’s website with stolen credit cards, according to Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Office reports.

A deputy was dispatched to Wal-Mart on Nov. 4 after the suspect attempted to pick-up the computers. Wal-Mart officials reportedly received an e-mail informing them another laptop was picked up earlier that was purchased with a credit card from Virginia. The victim reported his card had been fraudulently used on, according to reports.

The suspect was reportedly listed as the pick-up person for all four fraudulent credit card purchases, according to reports.

Two of the laptops were purchased with a credit card from a male in Texas and the other two were purchased with credit cards from a woman in Medina and a male in Virginia, according to reports.

When the deputy arrived on scene, the suspect reportedly had the three laptops in her cart. She reportedly told the deputy she did not purchase the computers and was simply picking them up for her boyfriend “Fred Anderson.”

“Anderson” reportedly supplied the suspect with order confirmation numbers and requested she pick up the laptops while she was in Ashtabula, according to reports.

The suspect reportedly told the deputy she has been chatting with “Anderson” for several months but has never seen him in person. She could not provide a phone number or address for him but reportedly told deputies she believes he lives in Pennsylvania, according to reports.

The suspect reportedly told deputies she was not given any instructions or a meeting place to deliver the computers. The suspect voluntarily showed the deputy her Yahoo! Messenger account which reportedly displayed several messages from “Anderson” who uses “web-ship” as a username. She reportedly told the deputy he only communicates with her on that account and does not call or send her text messages, according to reports.

The suspect reportedly told the deputy she had a computer in her vehicle that she picked up earlier and turned it over to him, according to reports.

The total value of the four computers was $1,813.90, according to reports.

ACSO was unable to locate “Anderson” via Ohio or Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicle records, but learned, while reading the chat records, that he discussed coming to the United States with the suspect. It is believed “Anderson” may live in another country, according to reports.

The suspect was reportedly in contact with “Anderson” via Yahoo! Messenger from the time she left her house until she was confronted by the deputy at Wal-Mart, according to reports.

ACSO made contact with two of the victims, who were already aware of the fraudulent activity on their credit cards, according to reports.

The incident is under review for possible charges of receiving stolen property, according to reports.