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December 11, 2012

Murder mom back in court to face jail time

Danna Weimer files appeal, to be sentenced on Wednesday

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PAINESVILLE — Family and friends of Eleanor Robertson will gather at Lake County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday to hear Judge Eugene Lucci sentence convicted murderer Danna Weimer.

Danna Weimer, 54, faces life in prison for 17 charges, including aggravated murder and aggravated burglary, in the June 13 death of 77-year-old Robertson. Robertson was bludgeoned to death in her Madison Township home. She had 94 puncture wounds across her body, had been burned or doused with chemicals and was found under layers of clothing and a mattress.

Danna Weimer’s son and co-defendant, Zachary Weimer, 23, was found guilty of 15 charges in the murder and burglary — two charges were dropped by the prosecution before his trial. He will be sentenced by Lake County Common Pleas Judge Vincent Culotta on Dec. 17, court records show.

After the jury declared Danna Weimer guilty on all charges, her $1 million bond was revoked and she was returned to the Lake County Jail. Since the trial, her attorney, Aaron T. Baker, has withdrawn as her legal counsel and Russell S. Bensing was appointed to conduct her appeal, court records show.

Danna Weimer filed for and was found indigent by the court.

While there was no physical evidence linking Danna Weimer with the murder and burglary scene, Lake County assistant prosecutor Mark Bartolotta said Danna’s complicity in the crimes make her just as guilty as her son, whose footprints clearly place him at Robertson’s Madison Township home at the time of the murder.

Bartolotta said he was concerned the jury might not understand the extent of the complicity charge.

“That complicity element is difficult,”  he said.  “No one was saying that (Danna) physically murdered Eleanor Robert-son. But she is as guilty as Zachary in that she  ‘drove the getaway car,’ so to speak. The jury followed the law just as they should have and they did the right thing.”