The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

March 28, 2014

Grand Valley students to have three days added and extended hours

Star Beacon

ORWELL — Grand Valley students will see a few extra and several longer days on their school calendar to make up for the calamity days from this year’s brutal winter.

Grand Valley saw a total of nine “snow days” this year and will have to make up four days.

Superintendent William Nye today will be the students’ first full make-up day. This was supposed to be a staff in-service day, but now students are at their desks instead.

When students return from spring break April 7, their school days will be extended by 30 minutes for 11 days, from April 7 through April 22, he said. These extended days will account for the second calamity day that needs to be made-up.

Nye said the district’s testing is done in early May so the extended days will allow for additional teaching to prepare students for testing.

The last two days will be tacked onto the end of the school year, he said.

The last day of school for students was supposed to be June 4, now they will attend classes on June 5 and June 6 as well, he said.

Nye said the district will not be faced with additional staffing costs as staff such as bus drivers do not get paid until the calamity days are made up.

“Other districts have to pay their staff no matter what, so they got paid for the calamity day and then they’ll have to pay them again for a make-up day,” he said.