The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

February 5, 2014

Council OKs funds for fire engine repair

For the Star Beacon

ASHTABULA — City Council unanimously approved a request for funds to repair the fire department's largest fire engine and ladder truck at their meeting on Monday evening.

The truck has been out of commission for a week. It was damaged while fighting a fire during the last spate of arctic weather.

City Manager James Timonere made the request for funds on behalf of the fire department. He asked for passage of an ordinance appropriating the sum of $6,000 from the permanent improvement fund for capital/ladder truck repairs.

Timonere said the truck's metal fire line and hinges were snapped by unusually extreme temperatures while fighting a house fire. The metal line controls range, height and other aspects of movement for the truck's hoses. It will be out of use and in repair for around two to three weeks.

Ward 2 Councilor August Pugliese, along with other members of council, asked Timonere if the city fire department would still have the same firefighting capabilities when the truck was undergoing repairs. Timonere assured them that partnerships with other fire fighting entities around the county guaranteed continued fire fighting  readiness and capability.