The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

May 23, 2013

Ashtabula County gets a new logo

Star Beacon

GENEVA-ON-THE-LAKE — The Ashtabula County Convention and Visitors Bureau has been working for the past year on developing a brand for the county, and Wednesday, that brand was revealed.

The new county brand was unveiled at the Civic Development Corporation’s meeting at the Lodge and Conference Center at Geneva State Park. It will serve as an all-inclusive brand and be tailored to each individual organization or industry, said Mark Winchell, executive director of the Ashtabula County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Everybody will use this brand,” he said.

The logo consists of the letter “A” with some kind of symbol representing the different sectors, he said. For example, the wine industry will have a symbol representative to it such as grapes or a wine glass.

“Each ‘A’ will represent the different sectors,” Winchell said.

The branding package was offered as an in-kind donation from international design firm LPK Marketing.

“They are a wonderfully warm, grounded and humble group of people,” said Shelly Mullen who works on strategic planning for the visitors bureau. “They too found a reason to love Ashtabula County.”

The development of the brand was a collective effort between the visitors bureau, LPK and the Nature Conservancy.

“Each and every one of us could be anywhere else in the world, but we choose to be here,” Mullen said. “We have been desperate to articulate the one thing that makes Ashtabula County special.”

Mullen said in the process of trying to find the county’s one special attribute, many were discovered.

“Ashtabula County is absolutely a place where great things happen,” she said.

The visitors bureau will serve as the “keeper” of the integrity of the brand, Winchell said.

“We want everyone to use this,” he said. “We want this to be an all-inclusive brand.”

Winchell said the visitors bureau will work with the various organizations and businesses in tailoring the logo to their needs. Businesses and organizations can put the logo on their Web sites and have it link back to the visitors bureau Web site if they choose.

“We will help you do whatever you need,” he said.

Norah Anderson, of the CDC, said the logo will not replace a company’s logo, but can be added to its stationary or Web site as a way to link the business to Ashtabula County.

“We want to make sure when you say ‘Ashtabula County,’ you recognize it,” Winchell said.

Wednesday’s unveiling was sort of a soft unveil, Winchell said, as the logo will be unveiled to regional and national media next month.