The Star Beacon; Ashtabula, Ohio

July 7, 2012

July 7, 2012 Letters to the editor: Douglas Parr

Letters to the editor

— The Supreme Court now claims that the feds have the authority to force us to buy into Obama’s version of health care. Anyone capable of reading our Constitution can determine that this “law” and the publicity surrounding its passage is a gross misrepresentation of fact, saddling us with a monstrous seizure of unconstitutional power by this president backed by his pocket lackeys in the legislative branch.

It, like the expansion of Social Security, and the institution of Medicare-Medicaid in and since the late ’60s, is a grotesque burden upon the poor it claims to aid. Social Security’s expansion and Medicare-Medicaid taxes have been extorted from all of us to the extent that the poorest among us have had the funds they could have saved and invested for their old age or potential injury extorted from them who serve their bureaucracy rather than the citizens forced into dependency on them by federal taxes under federal law.

During this same period of time, our elected legislators have voted themselves $157,000 in pay raises, given themselves and federal employees retirement plans for which they do not pay that dwarf the pittance the rest of us receive from Social Security - and pay 12.5 percent of our income for. They have also given themselves free and total health care far beyond what the feds have taxed us into. They have also voted themselves free offices and Secret Service protection for years after they leave office. In 1967, when I started work, our legislators paid themselves 30K a year. Now they take 187K a year, and the burdens they legislated against us during this same period are crushing us and destroying our economy.

Who is going to pay for the food and housing the poor need when our money is taken from us for health “care” most of us do not need? Why am I forced to pay for the contraception and/or abortions of my neighbor when I am not bedding her? Why and how is her promiscuity my responsibility?

Now as a result of this “decision,” we need to address the impeachment of five so-called Supreme Court “justices” who can’t read and understand the Constitution, in addition to that of the two bit, strutting, wanna-be tyrant presently pretending he is our president, while every move he makes and every word he speaks prove he is unfit to lead this nation.

Douglas Parr