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August 3, 2012

Aug. 4, 2012 Letters to the editor: Marlin J. Spellman

Regarding care of cemetery

Letters to the editor

— The purpose of this letter is to address the Monroe Township trustees about the care of the cemetery on Route 7. I previously wrote a similar letter several years ago. After it was published they did take care of the cemetery.

However, they have quit doing so. The grass again has grown up higher than a hay field. I feel that this is a disgrace, since many of the men who are buried there have given their lives to defend the freedoms that we all enjoy today. For a  time they used to put a few American flags along the road. However, I do believe that they are not even doing that again.

Thus, I would wish that the Monroe Township trustees address the maintenance of this cemetery and bring it up to standard to honor those veterans that are buried there. The rule is that every veteran who has fought in any war is to have a flag placed on his or her grave. They are not to be posted next to the road if that is what they did again this year.

I would hope, also that they would continue to do so and not, as before, stop doing it after a period of time. I am sure that there are men buried there who have descendants still living in the township.

Marlin J. Spellman